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  • Good range of autoflowering & fastflowering strains
  • Big presence in Thailand with 20+ distributors
  • Industry pioneers in auto genetics
  • Multiple award winners

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  • Recommended strains:
    Gorilla strains & classics
  • What is it known for:
    Autoflowering strains

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Fast Buds

If the world of cannabis seeds were like shoes, then Fast Buds would be in a similar place as Nike or Addidas. With a global presence, an excellent selection of autoflowering strains, and exceptional branding & marketing, Fast Buds is a must-visit seed bank for all growers.

As we will see in our review, Fast Buds has everything one would expect from a reputed seed store – be it strains that can be grown easily or potent cultivars that will knock your socks off. Of course, it is not just the taste or potency of strains that make a seed bank great – it is also the customer service, shipping, and quality of the seeds themselves that factor in.

Fast Buds menu: What can you buy?

Fast Buds are known for mastering the art of auto-flowering genetics – something they have been doing for over a decade. It is safe to say that they have one of the largest in-house collections of auto cannabis seeds online in the world. In fact, they sell auto varieties of all leading cultivars and types.

This is particularly useful for growers who are just starting their growing journey and do not want to deal with the photoperiod complexities of marijuana.

That said, there are other seedbanks out there, like Herbies, with far more choices – something we recommend for more experienced growers to visit.

Fast Buds is well-suited for newcomers who are just starting their growing journey.

Range of strains

In addition to the usual suspects like Indica and Sativa, you will find auto varieties across other strains with different features.

  • For example, there is a whole range of range cultivars that can be managed easily by first-time growers. The list includes autoflowering big hits like Bruce Banner, OG Kush, and Northern Lights.
  • Similarly, growers who want more value for their money can browse their collection of high-yield strains. These cultivars are engineered to produce more buds, thus assuring a bountiful harvest every time.
  • Veteran users can explore Fast Buds’ strongest strains, where THC levels go as high as 30%. These buds are not for the faint-hearted and are recommended only for those with a high tolerance.
  • Growers with a space constraint can specifically choose flowers which are designed for indoor/outdoor grows.

On the flip side, they do not have this kind of variety in CBD strains, with only 2 cultivars in stock – so if you want to grow your own cannabidiol flowers, you may be disappointed.

Special collections: Fastflowering strains

Fast Buds have also created their own line of cultivars which produce buds a lot faster than other varieties. These were created by crossing selected auto-flowering seeds with the most stabilised feminized strains.

According to their website, these fast-flowering strains blossom in only 6-7 weeks – thus greatly reducing the time to produce a harvest.

It is worth noting that these fastflowering buds are not auto – they are photoperiod and follow the light cycles of 18-6 and 12-12 as they grow. The only difference is the flowering stage is cut short by a good 3-4 weeks.

Cannabis cup-winning strains

As the pioneers of auto genetics in the cannabis industry, Fast Buds strains have won several awards over the years – all of which are listed in their ‘Most Awarded’ collection.

These international cannabis cup winners can now be grown in your garden. The list includes Tropicana Cookies, Gorilla Zkittlez, and Green Crack.

Where can you buy Fast Buds seeds in Thailand?

Fast Buds has over 25 retail partners in Thailand that stock their strains. We bought our seeds from Siamseeds; you can also check other retailers like:

Kushties, Bigpumpkin Seed, Allkaset, Ganseeds, Cannabear Thailand, and Smokey Buds. You can find the full list of their Thai distributors on the website.

You can also buy the seeds from their website directly – chances are it will be shipped from one of their Thai partners.

Why should you buy from Fast Buds?

Experience of more than 12 years, a worldwide presence, and a commitment to quality put Fast Buds among the leaders in the cannabis seed bank industry.

High-quality, suitable for beginners

Fast Buds is famous for its high-quality, auto-flowering seeds, boasting a catalogue of over 40 different strains.

Their seeds are known for producing high-yielding, resilient cannabis plants with beautiful big buds. These auto-flowering plants grow year-round in less than 9 weeks from seed to harvest, making them a great choice for both beginners and experienced growers​​.

For the purpose of the review, we ordered two seeds from them: Tropicana Cookies & Banana Purple. We germinated them using the paper towel method, and we are happy to report that they broke out successfully!

This quality and excellence are also evident by the fact that they have won over 20 different prizes and awards in various international cannabis events since 2016.

Payment methods

They accept all leading Thai payment methods – Visa, Mastercard, Thai QR banking, and TrueMoney wallet – courtesy of their collaboration with Thai stores.

Customer service

Fast Buds is acclaimed for its impeccable customer service. They are always ready to assist with any customer queries and have a dedicated team for customer support.

Their website offers easy access to grow advice and recommendations from highly experienced and qualified growers​.


The company offers global shipping services with distribution centres in Thailand, Europe, and South America.

Our order of Fast Buds seeds arrived within 3 working days in discreet packaging. Customs were not a problem here as the order was shipped from Siamseeds – one of their official brand partners in Thailand.

The seeds were packed in airtight containers and were in good condition.

Contact information

Fast Buds is headquartered in Prague, Czechia. You can get in touch with them through one of the 5+ channels:

Conclusion: Fast Buds for newcomers

To conclude our review of Fast Buds:

  • Offers various strains perfect for different needs, including growing indoors or outdoors, getting a large yield, easy-to-grow for beginners, high THC content, fan-favourites, and those that grow into beautiful purple flowers.
  • Specialises in autoflowering and fast-flowering strains, thus reducing flowering time by 3-4 weeks.
  • Offers fast, discreet shipping from Thai retailers; there are no international shipments or customs to worry about.
  • The CBD seeds collection is not big; only 2 varieties are currently available.

Fast Buds emerges as the go-to seed bank for growers seeking premium auto-flowering genetics. Praised for their rapid growth cycles and award-winning strains, they cater to a diverse range of growing preferences, including high yield, indoor and outdoor cultivation, potent buds, and easy-to-grow strains.

Their focus on auto-flowering varieties, coupled with an international presence and a premier shopping experience, makes Fast Buds an ideal choice for those who value efficiency, variety, and proven quality in their cannabis cultivation journey. Whether you’re a novice in the world of auto-flowering strains or a seasoned grower, Fast Buds offers a tailored and satisfying experience with each seed.

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