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  • One of the cheapest seed banks on the market.
  • Over 1000 seeds from 50+ breeders
  • Discreet international shipping
  • Excellent customer service
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When shopping at Herbies, you agree to the cannabis laws of Thailand.


  • Strains on sale:
    Classics, potent, easy to grow, medicinal
  • Partner brands:
    Dutch Passion, RQS, Barney's Farm, Humboldt Seeds

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Herbies Seed Bank

Herbies Head Shop is like a Big C or Lotus seed bank. You’ll find over 1000 cannabis strains from breeders around the world in one place, and best of all, they’re all very affordable.

With discreet shipping globally, a good presence in the market and reliable customer support, it’s hard not to see why Herbies Seeds are so popular. But are they really legit? Can you order cannabis seeds from them in Thailand? Do the seeds have a good germination rate?

You will find all these answers in our Herbies Seeds review.

Herbies seeds menu: What can you buy?

The beauty of Herbies lies in their ability to sell strains from different seed banks in one place.

Royal Queen Seeds, Humboldt Seeds, Barney’s Farm, and DNA Genetics – these are just some of the breeders whose seeds are stocked on Herbies. As a result, you can explore and compare your favourite strains without visiting another store.

To make things easier, cannabis strains are neatly categorised into different collections, such as high-THC buds, psychoactive, easy to grow, etc.

Range of cannabis strains

You can easily spend hours and days exploring Herbies’ strain collection. But if you feel like there’s too much, here is a very brief overview:

  • The same strains are available across different breeders. So you can drill down and select strains from your preferred brand. For example, classics like White Widow and Northern Lights are available across RQS, Dutch Passion, Pyramid Seeds and Seedsman Seeds.
  • There are over 400 Autoflowering strains and 50+ Fast Flowering strains. In contrast, Fast Buds, the pioneer in autoflowering genetics, has fewer than 50 strains. Such diversity can also be seen in other types of seeds, such as Female seeds, normal seeds and photoperiod
  • Great variety in CBD and medicinal strains, fan favorites like Charlotte’s Angel and Harlequin are also on sale.

Product information

One thing we really like about Herbies is their attention to detail in describing cannabis strains. Every cannabis strain page has information about cultivation time, height, yield potential, genetics, THC and CBD levels, and effects. This will help you plan your growing space and schedule.

Among these, popular strains have additional information available to growers. You will find such instructions in “GrowTips” which includes practical advice on nutrient use, planting techniques, pH levels, humidity and temperature for that species.

Buying seeds from Herbies: what to expect?

Given that Herbies is an international seed bank shipping from outside of Thailand, you should keep a few things in mind.

Affordable pricing

Herbies offers a wide range of cannabis seeds starting at just 200 baht. They stand out as a budget-friendly option in the cannabis seed market.

Discreet shipping

For those in Thailand, the delivery time is approximately 2-3 weeks with a fee of 550 baht.

Herbies uses a discreet packaging strategy to ensure that your seeds pass customs without any problems. In the rare case that your package is detained at customs, they will send a replacement. This is something that seed stores rarely offer. In their own words, “…We are responsible for both delivery or non-delivery…”

If dealing with customs is something you want to avoid, try Fast Buds or Siamseeds for more local options. They ship their seeds from inside Thailand.

Good germination rate

Herbies Seeds promises that at least 70% of the seeds will germinate in any order.

However, it is important to note that their delivery methods, designed for discretion and success in customs procedures, can affect this rate. Instead of using an airtight container, they may use generic products to mask the seed – like ties or DVD covers. Although this may clear customs, it can also spoil seeds by exposing them to environmental factors that affect germination.

Additionally, Herbies has the benefit of variety, but it can be challenging. As time passes, some seeds in this abundant stock may lose their potency.

If the germination rate is lower than intended, Herbies is prepared to address customer concerns with a refund policy.

Thai payment methods

Thai customers can pay with Thai QR Payment, TrueMoney Wallet, Bitcoin and bank transfer.

Customer service and contact information

Customer service at Herbie’s is more than just transactional interactions. If there are damaged seeds in your order, you are entitled to a refund.

Additionally, their support team, available via live chat and many other channels, is ready to help you with your questions.

Herbies Seeds is active on social media, and there are many ways to get in touch . Here are some:

Conclusion: Head to Herbies for more choices

To summarise why Herbies are worth a try:

  • There are over 1000 cannabis strains from more than 50 breeders in various categories: high-THC, high-CBD, indoor, outdoor, high-yield, beginner, medicinal, and even strains of psychedelic varieties.
  • Discreet international shipping It takes 2-3 weeks to deliver to Thailand with a shipping fee of 550 baht.
  • Healthy germination rate 70%; A claim that 7 out of 10 seeds will germinate.
  • Prompt customer support team and fast resolution times.
  • Offers a money-back guarantee on damaged seeds.

Competitive prices combined with a massive variety of cannabis seeds make them a top choice. Plus, their commitment to discreet shipping and responsive customer service adds to your peace of mind.

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