GPO Cannabis Oil: How to buy FDA Approved THC:CBD Extract in Thailand

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Updated: 2023-07-31
How to buy GPO-approved legal cannabis oil in Thailand

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Well before cannabis was fully legalised in Thailand, the government was already laying the foundation for medical marijuana in the country. The Government Pharmaceutical Organisation (GPO) spent the better part of the last four years researching cannabis oil and evaluating its success in treating symptoms in patients. The end result – GPO cannabis oil is now widely available in medicinal marijuana clinics across Thailand, to be prescribed by doctors for various conditions.

Weed Review addresses questions related to government-approved GPO cannabis oil – including what exactly it is and how to buy it.

GPO cannabis oil explained

GPO cannabis oil FORTE with the highest THC content. Must be prescribed by a physician.

The Government Pharmaceutical Organization, founded in 1959, is a Thai government-owned company that manufactures medicinal products.

The company ventured into medical cannabis in 2018 by obtaining permission to research marijuana for medical use.

By late 2019, Thailand’s GPO had formulated and tested three versions of cannabis oil. These aligned with the Good Clinical Practices (GCP) research standards. These tinctures feature cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) as the main ingredients. The cannabis extracts are manufactured per medically accepted standards and have undergone several clinical trials for effectiveness and efficiency.

These cannabis oils delivered positive results in relieving various health conditions. As a result, they were approved for medicinal use for patients.

Note that back then, cannabis was still not legal the way it is presently; therefore, these cannabis tinctures were (and still are) available in medicinal marijuana clinics only.

The 3 Thai FDA-approved oils

The three variations of GPO cannabis oil that you can now find in Thailand are as follows (links lead to Thai gov websites):

The cannabis oil formulas listed above are meant for oral use. They are available in sizes ranging from 5ml to 30ml and have been approved by the Thai Food & Drugs Administration (FDA).

Prescribed by doctors

These cannabis oils are prescribed as per the doctor’s recommendations or for patients diagnosed with cancer, chemotherapy-induced nausea/vomiting, neuropathic pain, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, epilepsy, depression, skin cancer, migraine, inflammation, Crohn’s disease, dysmenorrhea, seizures, multiple sclerosis, insomnia, chronic pain, or spasticity.

GPO cannabis oils are a part of Thailand’s National List of Essential Medicines (NLEM). It means the government will pay the cost of the oil for patients when doctors in approved medicinal marijuana clinics prescribe them. This is available to Thai citizens only.

Foreigners will need to pay for the consultation & oils at the clinic.

How to buy GPO cannabis oil

Buying GPO cannabis oil in Thailand is similar to buying medicinal marijuana in the West. This means going to a qualified, state-approved medical marijuana clinic, having a consultation with the doctor about your condition, and then getting the prescription.

While you can buy CBD oil online without going through any of these steps, you will not receive any medical prescription or advice from a healthcare practitioner. This step is more suited if you have used such tinctures previously and know exactly what you are looking for.

However, if you are new to medical marijuana and are looking at this as an alternative to standard medications, talking to a doctor is strongly advised as you get the appropriate cannabis product suited for your conditions.

For locals & foreigners

Thai citizens and international residents can buy GPO cannabis oil in Thailand, as long as they have a valid ID card. The process remains the same for both. Foreigners, however, may want to go to clinics where they have English-speaking doctors for a better experience and understanding.

Here is how you buy FDA-approved cannabis oil from the GPO:

  • Visit any of the 700+ medical marijuana clinics for an appointment with a cannabis doctor. Some of these clinics also offer online consultations so you can talk to them from the comfort of your home.
  • Explain your symptoms in detail. It would be helpful to provide your previous medical reports and prescriptions so the doctor can understand your condition better. The information will remain between the doctor and you, so do not hesitate to share your medical history.
  • Give a description of your current medications. This is because cannabis can interact with certain medicines, leading to drug interactions that can lead to unwanted side effects.
  • Some clinics may require you to undergo a baseline kidney and liver function test. It is because cannabis oil may harm these organs, and doctors need the test results to prescribe the dosage accurately.
  • Based on your health conditions, the doctor and medical staff will see if medicinal marijuana can help you. Accordingly, prescriptions/medical certificate/marijuana card, dosages, and follow-up schedules will be provided.

Remember that the ultimate decision to prescribe you GPO cannabis oil lies with the doctor. If they do not see fit that medicinal marijuana is for you, then you may go for a second opinion at another clinic. Alternatively, you can also buy cannabis online without any prescription. However, if you need cannabis for medical reasons, Weed Review advises consulting a cannabis doctor rather than self-medicating with weed.