Best Cannabis Dispensaries in Koh Lanta: Top Rated Weed Stores & Online Delivery

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Published: 2024-02-29
A list of weed shops and cannabis dispensaries in Ko Lanta.

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Koh Lanta, with its tranquil beaches like Klong Dao and Phra Ae, is not just a place for relaxation; it’s also gaining attention for its cannabis offerings. This beautiful island boasts several dispensaries, making it easy for visitors to enhance their natural experience, whether by the sea or in the lush jungle.

For those wondering where to buy cannabis in Ko Lanta, you’ll be pleased to find a selection of dispensaries that cater to a range of preferences, nestled near quiet beaches or tucked away in cosy corners of the island, offering a unique, relaxed vibe.

We will also look at how to get these buds delivered to the doorsteps of your villa or hotel.

Physical weed shops in Koh Lanta Yai

The cannabis dispensaries mentioned here are all located on the main island of Ko Lanta. If you plan on exploring the surrounding islets and places like Ko Lanta Noi or Ko Klang, you will want to stock up on supplies here.

High Siam (Koh Lanta Weed Shop)

A must-visit dispensary when exploring the southern part of the island.

High Siam is placed at a strategic location – right at the centre of the west coast of the island. It is a good pit stop on the way to the Old Town, Klong Nin Beach, or the Lanta Elephant Sanctuary.

Note that as you head south, the number of reputed dispensaries reduces, so if you want some good weed for the day, High Siam is your choice.

It is a small, cosy store – nothing too fancy or extravagant like the ones you may find in Pattaya or Bangkok. That said, the budtenders’ simplicity and personal touch will make your experience that much better. And if that is not enough, consider that this dispensary is beachfront.


  • Several strains of flowers and hash are on sale.
  • Indoor and outdoor-grown strains and pre-rolls are available.
  • Friendly staff.
  • Promotions and offers are available.
  • Charming, relaxing smoking lounge.
  • Thai weed starts at 100 THB.


  • No edibles or tinctures.
  • Some AAA varieties can cost as much as 800 THB per gram.

High Siam is away from the noisiness and crowds of the northern part of Ko Lanta; visit this store if you want a chill, calming toke by the beach.

High Season Bakantiang and Speak Easy Cafe

There is a massive variety of edibles, flowers, and gummies; all at excellent prices.

If you enjoy different strains of cannabis, edibles, or gummies – along with some pristine nature – you must make a trip to the Bakantiang part of Ko Lanta.

The High Season dispensary is at the southernmost part of the island – close to the Nui Bay, Mu Ko Lanta National Park and Khlong Chak Waterfall.

You can stop by on the way back from (or heading to) the Bamboo Beach or stay in any nearby resorts or hotels – in either case, you will not want to miss the vibe here. There are all sorts of cannabis and craft beers – at good prices.


  • Over 50 cannabis products to choose from – edibles, topicals, flowers, and gummies.
  • CBD & THC products are available.
  • Competitive prices start at 200 THB per gram.
  • Relaxing lounge, indoor and outdoor seating area.
  • Sells beers, beverages, and liquor.
  • Good service.


  • Visit this dispensary can seem like a journey.

High-quality products, excellent value for money, and a welcoming atmosphere where you will be spoiled for choices – you cannot go wrong at High Season.

High Season Koh Lanta

This dispensary is just before the Siri Lanta Bridge.

If you cannot head to the South of Koh Lanta for whatever reason, don’t worry – you will still find a good variety of marijuana at High Season’s store at the Northernmost tip.

The product range is similar to their Bakantiang – plenty of buds, edibles, gummies, oils, topicals, and accessories.

You will want to stop by here if you are heading to Koh Lanta Noi for a day trip. Since it is before the bridge connecting the two islands, it is an excellent place to catch a breath – before or after the excursion.


  • Together with the Bakantiang branch, it is the highest-rated cannabis dispensary in Koh Lanta – 120+ reviews on Google.
  • Massive range of topicals, edibles, flowers, gummies, and tinctures – CBD & THC.
  • Excellent location and friendly staff.
  • Relaxing, air-conditioned smoking lounge.
  • Snacks, coffee, cocktails, and mocktails are available.


  • Prices can seem understandably expensive.

With some of the highest-quality flowers on the island, High Season – with its strategic locations at North and South – has certainly set the standards for other dispensaries to follow.

The Happy Corner

Beauty in simplicity and ice cream – the Happy Corner is a happy place for weed lovers.

They often say less is more – this is the case at The Happy Corner. With only a handful of strains, a few flavours of ice cream, and some THC herbal tea, this dispensary is for those who appreciate the simple things in life.

The shop is close to the Sala Dan Pier and Siri Lanta Bridge. In fact, if you go diving with the Phoenix Divers, you will want to stop for a chill toke after the day with ocean creatures – after all, the Happy Corner is just five minutes away from the dive shop.


  • Flowers, ice cream, and tea are on sale at competitive prices.
  • Kind, friendly staff.
  • A small but diverse selection of products.
  • Has an inviting atmosphere, close to nature.
  • Located on the same street as Laem Kho Kwang Beach.


  • Getting there can be a bit tricky.

The Happy Corner is a nice way to unwind and reflect after spending a few days in Lanta. Away from the main Sois and busy parts of the island, you are in for a peaceful time here.

Lanta High Weed Cannabis Cafe

This dispensary is in the happening part of Ko Lanta.

Long Beach, Beautiful Beach, and Klong Khong Beach – these are the happening areas of Koh Lanta, and while there are a few dispensaries to choose from, the best one, in our opinion, is Lanta High Weed Cannabis Cafe.

They have two dispensaries in Klong Khong – one on the beach and the other on highway 4245. So whether you want to get high by the beach or pick up some buds for your adventure, you are nicely covered.

Surrounded by clubs, cafes, and beaches, this is the dispensary you visit if you want to party in Lanta. Keep in mind that Ko Lanta, in general, is more laidback than other islands like Koh Phi Phi – so if you want to get a bit crazy, Moo2 and Khlong Kong are where the action is.


  • Excellent location by the beach and nearby bars.
  • Good value for money.
  • Warm, inviting lounge and friendly atmosphere.
  • Decent range of flowers, edibles, and snacks to choose from.


  • Since it is in a busy part of Lanta, expect to pay higher prices.

Lanta Highland is easy to find, located in the tourist part of Lanta, and has some decent cannabis. This is your go-to choice if you do not want to travel far to find other variety buds.

How to buy weed in Ko Lanta

Ko Lanta, a serene island known for its laid-back vibe and stunning natural landscapes, offers simple ways to buy cannabis.

Online ordering on chat apps

In Ko Lanta, as in many Thai locales, obtaining cannabis is easy through social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or Line. Here’s a quick guide:

  • Install the app and set up your account.
  • Search for and follow local Ko Lanta dispensaries.
  • Browse their offerings and select your items.
  • Provide your address for delivery.
  • When messaging, use clear and simple English to specify your order.
  • Deliveries are typically made via local courier services within a couple of hours, accepting cash on delivery.

That said, not all dispensaries in Lanta may be doing this. Since the island is small and easy to reach on a motorbike, not all of them may bother with delivery to hotels.

Shopping on online weed stores

For a more conventional shopping experience, check out our online cannabis stores serving Ko Lanta and the rest of Thailand. To shop:

  • Visit the dispensary’s website and choose your cannabis products.
  • Add your selections to the cart and proceed to checkout.
  • Enter your shipping information.
  • Payment methods often include cash on delivery, card payments for tourists, and digital payments for residents.

How to judge the quality of weed in Ko Lanta?

Ko Lanta’s dispensaries range from offering premium, high-quality buds to lesser, low-grade options. To ensure you’re getting good value:

  • A strong, pleasant smell indicates freshness.
  • Look for bright, dense buds with visible crystals.
  • The buds should be slightly sticky, indicating proper curing.
  • Premium cannabis will be seed-free and well-trimmed.

Since Koh Lanta is not a mainstream tourist spot, the quality of buds tends to be better than in other regions – especially since plenty of farms on the islands grow organic weed.

Nonetheless, you can also check out our guide on weed quality for a detailed look into judging good buds from bad.

Smoking cannabis in Ko Lanta

Enjoying cannabis in Ko Lanta’s relaxed setting is delightful, but respecting local norms is important:

  • Avoid public areas. Opt for private areas or designated spots in dispensaries.
  • Stay informed about Ko Lanta’s specific cannabis regulations.
  • Be discreet, especially near families or public areas. Consider privacy when smoking outdoors.

Koh Lanta has plenty of nature reserves, waterfalls, and forests. Instead of lighting up in these areas and polluting the pristine wilderness, we suggest having some edibles or smoking beforehand. Or, taking a small portable ashtray with you so you can pick up the filters once you are done.

It also must be said that getting there means trekking through the lesser-travelled roads – away from the main streets. You must be careful not to injure yourself when you are too high.

Can you smoke weed on the beaches of Koh Lanta?

Public consumption on the beaches is not legally permitted. However, secluded spots on less crowded beaches can work – provided you are not too obvious about it.

Choose less visited beaches – these options include Kantiang Bay, Bu Bay, Pirate Beach, Kanta Klong Nin, or Nui Beach. However, getting to some of these beaches means taking a bike or trekking – which can be troublesome when you are high. We strongly suggest having someone drive you or sober down enough to return to your accommodation.

It can be tempting to light in the party areas at Beautiful Beach, Klong Khong, or Pra-Ae Beach – if you want to do so, make sure you are away from crowds, family, or children. Otherwise, have some edibles and enjoy your time by the ocean.

Can you smoke weed in your hotel?

Koh-Lanta is more laidback than other islands, so it may be possible to smoke cannabis at your hotel. Always confirm with the hotel management beforehand whether you can do so. Some follow the rule strictly and prevent cannabis smoking on the premises, while others allow it in the room balconies.

You can look for accommodations with smoking-friendly policies for the best experience – usually found in villas and Airbnbs.


From the tranquil shores of Long Beach to the mesmerizing sunsets at Kantiang Bay, Ko Lanta offers a picturesque backdrop for those looking to unwind.

Imagine enjoying your favourite edibles while taking in the views from the iconic Lighthouse at Mu Ko Lanta National Park or exploring the historic Old Town, a charming mix of cultures and traditions.

With their expert advice and extensive menus, local dispensaries complement Ko Lanta’s laid-back vibe, ensuring that your cannabis experience is as enriching as the island’s natural and cultural offerings.

Whether you choose to indulge in the privacy of your beachfront villa or a discreet spot amidst the lush jungle, Ko Lanta caters to all preferences. Just make sure you enjoy cannabis responsibly – respecting the local customs and the island’s serene atmosphere.