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Reviews of the best online marijuana shops in Thailand 2024

Order the finest marijuana flowers and cannabis products from reputed online dispensaries across Thailand. Fast, easy, hassle-free delivery to your doorstep within 72 hours.

Prikpot Review



  • Kief & cannabis weed tea available
  • Cash on delivery
  • Locally grown weed, 100% organic & natural
  • Live chat support


Best store for weed
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  • Wide array edibles & gummies
  • Diverse range of CBD oils
  • Pet-friendly CBD oil available
  • Lab tested products
  • Offers cash on delivery
  • Fast shipping; 1-3 days


Best store for CBD oil & edibles
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Mellow Organic



  • Flavoured CBD oil
  • Full-spectrum tinctures
  • 2 third-party lab tests for each batch
  • Organic, natural ingredients
  • Quick customer service


CBD oil, starting 1,250 THB
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How to order cannabis online

Buying weed online in Thailand is straightforward and user-friendly when you know the steps. Here’s a simplified guide:

  1. Check your age: You must be 20 or older and have an ID ready.
  2. Find reputed stores: Look for online shops with good reviews and official approval. We have shortlisted such online shops for you to make it easy.
  3. Secure Checkout: Ensure the website is safe (look for “https://” and a padlock icon) for a safe experience.
  4. Add to cart: Pick your strains and quantity and add them to your cart.
  5. Enter delivery details: Name, address, contact number – enter the required details correctly for a problem-free delivery.
  6. Make the payment: Online payment methods in Thailand are international debit/credit cards, Thai online banking and QR codes, and cash on delivery (COD).

Ordering from your favourite dispensaries

In cities like Bangkok and Phuket, many physical shops also let you order cannabis for quick delivery using popular apps.

  1. Download and log in: Choose an app like Facebook, Instagram or Line, and create your account.
  2. Find the store handle and chat: If your preferred shop has a Line ID, add/follow and contact them. A person will shortly respond to you.
  3. Choose your products: The person will send you an online menu. Take your picks and let the person on the other end know what you want and the quantity.
  4. Give your Address: Tell them where to deliver your order.
  5. Wait and Pay: Your order will usually arrive in 1-2 hours (via services like Grab delivery); you pay with cash when it arrives.

For a seamless experience, communicate in simple English. Be very clear when giving the information to avoid any problems.

Ordering to your hotel

If you are a visitor and are getting your flowers and products delivered to your hotel, here is what you can do:

  1. Inform the reception about your package delivery
  2. If using cash on delivery, give it to the person at the reception so they can pay for the order.

Understanding strain types

With 100s of flowers to choose from, finding the right marijuana strain for you can be quite confusing. Whether you’re seeking relaxation, stimulation, or balanced effects, understanding the main types – CBD, Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid, can refine your selection to suit your desires perfectly.


Great for those who want to experience the medicinal benefits of cannabis with the high.


A combination of Indica and Sativa strains with balanced effects for the body and mind.


Uplifting and energising, suitable for daytime activities and socialising.


Known for its relaxing and calming effects, perfect for evening use.

Indoor grown vs. outdoor grown – does it matter?

The cannabis cultivation environment, either indoor or outdoor, is important in shaping the quality and characteristics of the resulting strains. 

  • Indoor-grown strains boast enhanced control over growth conditions. This leads to high potency, diverse flavour profiles, and good yields. They are of much higher quality than outdoor buds and, thereby, more expensive.
  • Outdoor strains benefit from nature, potentially developing a rich, diverse terpene profile due to the varied natural conditions. They can be more ‘organic.’ The potency may not be that strong, but they are a cheaper option in terms of pricing.

Price of cannabis strains in Thailand

You can find quality, premium cannabis flowers starting at 400-500 THB per gram. This can be as high as 700-800 THB per gram in bigger cities and high-end dispensaries.

If you are on a budget, consider buying outdoor or brick weed. With brick weed, the pricing can start at 50 THB per gram (minimum order applies). For medium-shelf, outdoor varieties, expect to pay around 100-300 THB per gram.

How to judge the quality of your flowers?

Knowing the difference between top-shelf, AAA cannabis flowers and their medium-shelf counterparts is more than a skill – it is your passport to consistently wonderful experiences.

Know how to buy quality weed every time below.

What makes top online stores unique?

Finding the right marijuana dispensary online in a sea of options is all about spotting the ones that go the extra mile. The best stores aren’t just selling cannabis; they’re offering a wide variety of products while ensuring everything is legal and safe.


Attentative support

A quick and helpful support team can fix issues with orders and make sure your buying experience is smooth, even when delivery services like Kerry have problems.


Competitive prices

Keep an eye on your wallet and compare prices. Check different stores and find the best deal, ensuring you get good quality cannabis without spending too much.


Fast delivery

Look at each store’s shipping options and fees. Some shops might offer free or faster shipping for an extra charge, getting your order to you when you want it.


Good quality

Choose stores that offer a wide selection of top-quality strains, paying attention to the smell, look, and what other customers have to say about it.



The top stores also give you easy-to-understand info, making your shopping revealing and instructive. Anything you buy should be accompanied by clear, transparent product information and lab tests.

Trying weed for the first time?

Using marijuana demands a blend of curiosity and caution. From understanding what you’re smoking to ensuring you enjoy it responsibly, your initial experience with weed should be informed, conscious, and safe.


Equip yourself with knowledge about strains, effects, and dosages to optimise your cannabis experiences effectively.

Mind your surroundings

Opt for a safe, comfortable, and familiar environment for your first-time use, ensuring a relaxed and pleasant experience.

Start slow, go low

Start with small amounts and see your body’s response. The mantra “less is more” often holds true with cannabis.

Smoke responsibly

Ensure your use does not impair your ability to perform tasks that require attention and coordination, such as driving.

Explore other ways to enjoy marijuana

When browsing our list of the best online cannabis stores, you will discover various medical cannabis products tailored to meet diverse needs. These offerings go beyond the flowers, providing alternative, holistic wellness and symptom management approaches.

  • Oils: Cannabis oils and CBD oils are taken orally. Offering precise dosing and fast action, they are best taken for medicinal purposes.
  • Topicals: Ideal for localised pain relief, cannabis-infused topicals may offer soothing benefits for skin and muscles without intoxicating effects.
  • Edibles & gummies: A flavorful journey to wellness, edibles offer a smoke-free option, turning your healing path into a delectable experience.

You can learn more about these products on Weed Review.

Weed shops near you

Explore our curated list to find high-quality weed shops right in your city! From bustling Bangkok to peaceful Phuket, we guide you to local dispensaries, ensuring a safe and legal purchase every time.

Best online dispensary of 2024

We consider Prikpot to be Thailand’s premier online cannabis dispensary. Their product selection and quality stretch beyond most of the weed stores in Thailand.; they got a wide range of organically grown strains, kief, hasch and other attractive cannabis and kratom products.

Packaging and delivery are spot on within 1-24 hours, and their customer service is very tentative.

Best store for weed
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  • Is it legal to purchase cannabis online in Thailand?

    The current laws allow for online sales of cannabis products in Thailand, but these are subject to change.

  • How does the packaging look like?

    All online dispensaries we have reviewed sent the goods in normal brown boxes with discreet packaging.

  • Where is it allowed to smoke cannabis in Thailand?

    Public weed smoking is banned in Thailand. You can smoke in dispensaries, or the privacy of your room, provided smoking is permitted. Some places do not allow for marijuana use; be sure to check the rules.

  • What documentation or verification is needed to buy cannabis online?

    You may be required to submit a photo of your ID proof.

  • How long does it take for the flowers to be delivered?

    You may expect the delivery within 24-72 hours.

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