Thai online weed shops 2023

It has never been easier to buy weed online as it is today in Thailand. All cannabis stores listed on this page have top-shelf strains which can be delivered to your home within 1-48 hours.

You can expect one-hour delivery if you’re based in the same city as the store’s warehouse. All stores listed apart from Prikpot (Chiang Mai) are located in Bangkok.

If you’re ordering from an online store and living in Pattaya or Phuket you can expect 24-48 hours delivery.

Best cannabis stores in Thailand

Prikpot Review

  • Kief & cannabis weed tea available
  • Cash on delivery
  • Locally grown weed, 100% organic & natural
  • Live chat support
  • Not enough cannabis oils
  • No edibles or gummies
  • No international payment methods (Visa/MasterCard)


Best store for weed
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OG Thai

  • Professionally grown, exotic strains available
  • Discounts on higher quantities
  • Compliance with local cannabis laws
  • International payment methods like Visa, MasterCard, Paypal available
  • No edibles or gummies
  • No cannabis oils or tinctures available


Best store for weed
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Cannabox Store Review

  • Range of edibles: Outstanding
  • Range of tinctures: Average
  • Customer service: Average
  • Mobile usability: Outstanding
  • Shipping: Average
  • Payment methods: Visa, MasterCard, Apple Pay
  • Third party lab tests: Inadequate
  • Product Info Clarity: Inadequate
  • Range of flowers: Inadequate


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Featured strain

Bruce Banner






Very High


Visit Clinic Review

Key considerations when choosing a cannabis store

As you browse through our reviews and comparisons, keep these key factors in mind:

How to order the right strain

There are plenty of weed strains to choose from – so much so that it can be overwhelming.

First, you have the basic three types (which, we believe, is not an accurate way of classifying weed, but it is still popular):

You have strains cultivated specifically to have desired concentrations of THC, CBD, and terpenes. There are strains which absurdly high THC concentration above 30%. But this is nothing we generally recommend. A stronger strain does not become a better smoking experience.

Outdoor vs. indoor grown

Most of the stores in Thailand sell strains which are exclusively grown indoor. Whether this is a better experience or not is individual, but those cannabis flowers are usually aesthetically better looking. Meaning they are compact, lots of trichomes and vivid colours. Meanwhile, organic outdoor cannabis flowers can look a bit “bushier”, not as dense and usually a bit duller in its colours.

We recommend trying out both. A shop which has both indoor and outdoor flowers for sale is Prikpot.

How to pay online

In Thailand, you can easily buy weed online – place an order, and the shops will deliver the buds to your door.

There are very few online stores accepting credit card payments such as Visa and Mastercard. If the store you want to purchase from does not accept cards they’ll either have COD (Cash On Delivery – yes that’s a big thing in Thailand, even for orders over THB1,000) or local mobile banking.

We have written a guide on how to buy weed as a tourist which we recommend if you want to know how to buy weed online.

Are you buying weed for the first time?

To make your first time as a legal weed consumer go well we do have some tips for you. Both in terms of shopping and smoking/eating it:

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