Best Cannabis Dispensaries in Koh Phi Phi: Top Rated Weed Shops

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Updated: 2024-01-24
A list of top-rated marijuana dispensaries and stores in Koh Phi Phi Don

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Koh Phi Phi has the reputation of being one of Thailand’s most beautiful islands. Made popular by Leonardo DiCaprio’s The Beach, this picturesque archipelago sitting in the Andaman Sea attracts thousands of visitors every year. With cannabis now in the picture, too, the popularity has gone up as tourists look to combine their marijuana experience with beautiful beaches, caves, bays, and scenic lagoons.

Afterall, who would not want to unwind with some greens after a day of snorkelling in Maya Bay or enjoy the Phi Phi Viewpoint with some edibles?

In this article, we will explore Koh Phi Phi’s cannabis scene, listing out must-visit dispensaries and weed stores where you can stock up your supplies before exploring the islands.

Physical weed shops in Koh Phi Phi

The cannabis dispensaries listed below are located on Koh Phi Phi Don – most of them in the Tonsai Village. Remember that weed prices – much like other things – will be higher here compared to the rest of Thailand.

Phi Phi Cannabis

This dispensary has one of the cheapest buds on the island.

Located right in the heart of Ton Sai Pier, Phi Phi Cannabis store is the very first shop you will notice after stepping off the ferry.

You can buy some weed here and then head to the hotel – or pick yourself a joint as you leave the main island to explore nearby islets like Koh Phi Phi Le or Koh Bida Nai and Nok. In either case, the unmistakable scent of cannabis pungency and a hippie-like design make it impossible to miss.

If that is not motivation enough, know that this place has excellent value for money – you will not find cheaper flowers than here at the same quality.


  • One of the cheapest buds in Phi Phi.
  • Sells pre-rolls and buds, prices starting at 150 THB.
  • Friendly, kind staff.
  • Excellent location in Tonsay Bay.
  • Sells their own, in-house grown strains and unique crosses.


  • No smoking lounge.
  • No edibles or tinctures.

In many ways, Phi Phi Cannabis is a good introduction to what kind of weed you can find on Koh Phi Phi Don. It is a simple, no-nonsense dispensary where you just find what you need and move on.

Hippies Land Phi Phi x DANQ Cannabis Dispensary

This is one of the highest-rated dispensaries in Koh Phi Phi.

If you have been exploring the Thai marijuana culture for some time, then you may have come across DANQ. This brand has dispensaries in Bangkok and Pattaya – and has been around since the beginning of legalisation. They clearly know what they are doing, which is also evident in how the customers talk about them – over 130 on Google with a 5-star rating.

You will find the Hippies Land x DANQ on your way to Viking Beach/Long Beach. The fact that it is located a bit outside the Tonsai Village assures a peaceful, chill trip.


  • A diverse selection of top-shelf, AAA flowers.
  • Open late until 2:00 am.
  • Gummies and weed-infused drinks are also available.
  • Excellent service and hospitality.
  • Has a small smoking lounge.


  • Expensive; prices start at 600 THB per gram.

It is almost a given that you will get top-quality buds for your money with DANQ. While the prices may seem higher, the experience and ambience justify the visit.

Andaman Genetics Phi Phi

A dispensary with an amazing view of the ocean.

Andaman Genetics has unarguably the best smoking lounge in Phi Phi – right by the beach! Placed on Koh Dalum Beach, you can enjoy the sea view as you float high with some exceptional flowers. You can sit indoors in air-conditioned lounges in the afternoon and then move outside before the sunset to enjoy the sea breeze hitting your face.

What’s more – the company has over 15 years of experience in the cannabis industry, having started the journey in Amsterdam. The owners operate growing facilities across Thailand and Europe following industry standards laid out in the West – thus assuring a quality product.

The dispensary is also close to the Ibiza Pool Party Club – so you can either chill after a party or pregame here before heading to the dance floor.


  • Excellent location on the beach; an amazing view of the Andaman Sea.
  • Sells premium flowers.
  • Over 200 reviews on Google, 5-star rating.
  • Food and beverages are available to complement the cannabis experience.
  • Friendly, professional staff.
  • Huge smoking lounge – indoors and outdoors.


  • Prices can seem understandably expensive.

You can practically live Lana Del Rey’s song ‘High by the Beach’ in Andaman Genetics. The outdoor smoking area practically sits on the beach, allowing you to appreciate the ocean in all its glory.

High Season Cannabis Dispensary

Possibly the only dispensary on the island where you can buy flowers, edibles, and CBD oils.

High Season Cannabis Dispensary has the reputation of being the largest weed store in Phi Phi. It is quite evident when you visit the store – they have a huge selection of products that you will not find in any other dispensary.

What’s more impressive is the same owners have a medicine clinic a few minutes from the dispensary – called High Season Wellness Clinic. In addition to providing modern medical care for various conditions, the clinic also specialises in medical cannabis.

Considering this, it is safe to say that you will find organic, superior-quality cannabis in their dispensary.


  • Sells flowers, edibles, gummies, topicals, and CBD oils.
  • Plenty of products and strains to choose from.
  • Knowledgeable, professional staff.
  • Good location along the Chaokoh Road; walking distance from the Phi Phi Viewpoint 1.


  • The smoking lounge is small.
  • Prices can seem costly.

High Season Clinic is the place to visit if you are looking for an all-inclusive cannabis store in Phi Phi which sells all types of cannabis products – not just flowers.

Koh Phi Phi Cannabis Club by Bar One

A must-visit dispensary in the northern part of Phi Phi Don.

Koh Phi Phi Cannabis Club is for those patrons who are staying in the North Phi Phi Don – away from the crowded streets of Tonsai. Placed in the middle of Loh Ba Kao and Loh Lana Bay, this store is more than a dispensary – it is a party club with drinks on offer too.

You can crossfade here – smoke cannabis and drink at the same time – while enjoying the music and the club-like vibes. You can make this a quick pitstop after exploring the nearby Bamboo or Mosquito Islands, or the famous Mangrove Suspension Bridge.


  • Known for flowers, gummies, and drinks.
  • A party-like atmosphere with cocktails and music.
  • Good service and a good location in the village.


  • Getting there is tricky; it requires hiking through the island wilderness or taking a long boat taxi.

Unless exploring the North side of Phi Phi, visiting this dispensary is not necessary. That said, you can never go wrong by partying away from the busy part of Phi Phi Don.

How to buy weed in Koh Phi Phi

Koh Phi Phi has only a handful of reputed cannabis dispensaries that sell quality weed. You will want to buy your buds when you find something you like.

Ordering via chat apps

Considering most of Koh Phi Phi Don is covered by forests, hills, and viewpoints, travelling across the island is tricky. It entails hiking through tricky terrains or taking boat taxis.

That said, the dispensaries listed above do deliver cannabis to your doorsteps – provided you give them enough time and pay a delivery fee. You can also check out the Phi Phi Weed Shop – who specialise in delivering cannabis to your hotel anywhere in Phi Phi.

Here is how you use chat apps:

  1. Download the app and create your ID – usually on Line or Instagram.
  2. Search for the dispensary and connect with them.
  3. Ask about their products and choose what you need.
  4. Share your delivery address.
  5. Speak clearly, as some of them may not speak English well. Typically, orders will reach you in 1-2 hours. Pay with cash on delivery.

Shopping on online weed stores

For a conventional online shopping feel, there are dedicated online shops that sell weed. That said, getting them delivered to Koh Phi Phi can be tricky. As such, we recommend sticking to the dispensaries on the island itself.

However, if you want online delivery, you can visit our reviewed online marijuana stores for the best service.

How to grade the quality of cannabis

Higher island prices do not always translate into higher quality. As such, checking cannabis quality in Koh Phi Phi is a must. To help you with it, check out our article on how to judge cannabis quality.

Remember: high-quality cannabis is marked by a strong, pleasant scent, a vibrant appearance with plenty of trichomes, and a slightly sticky, properly cured texture.

How to smoke cannabis in Ko Phi Phi?

Koh Phi Phi sees plenty of tourists – from bachelors and youngsters to those with family. Not everyone appreciates cannabis.

Moreover, while Thailand has decriminalised cannabis, tourists should be mindful of the regulations and cultural practices regarding smoking the plant. They are summarised below:

  • Don’t smoke in public spots: Don’t light up in openly public areas like Tonsai.
  • Know the rules: Be up-to-date with local cannabis regulations.
  • Be safe: As a major tourist spot, always be careful in Koh Phi Phi. Being overly high in crowded places can make you a target for thieves and scammers.

Public cannabis smoking is not legal and is frowned upon in Thailand; this is more so the case when there are children around.

Don’t smoke in the lagoons

It can be tempting to light a joint on the beaches of Maya Bay or in Monkey Bay – please do not do that. These areas have suffered heavily from overcrowded tourism over the years, leading to the destruction of the ecosystem. In fact, Maya Bay was closed for two years to allow the ecosystem to recover.

Smoking cannabis and polluting these pristine places is not fair to you or nature. Plus, these places will have family crowds and non-cannabis users – so it is better to respect the surroundings.

Instead, you can have some edibles and then head there to enjoy the pristine blue waters.

Be careful while hiking & trekking

With few roads and plenty of wilderness, you will be spending a lot of your time in Phi Phi walking through narrow alleys, beaches, forests, and rocks. As such, we strongly recommend not to smoke cannabis while you are on the move. You must be alert when navigating tricky slopes and trails to the viewpoints – or when walking from Tonsai pier to the North part.

Being stoned can make you clumsy – which is quite dangerous when navigating coves and reaching the beaches in the North. In such cases, it is better to invest some money and take boat taxis.

Can you smoke weed at the beach?

Koh Phi Phi has plenty of beaches, but not all of them are cannabis friendly. Families and children visit popular beaches in Ton Sai, Loh Dalum, and Long Beach in the Southeast. We recommend not lighting up here as it can cause problems.

Instead, you may want to head to the lesser-known, tricky-to-reach beaches in the North, like Nui Beach or Loh Lana Bay. There are some secluded beaches on the Eastern part of Phi Phi Don – namely Moo Dee Beach and Phak Nam Bay. When there, make sure there is no one around before lighting the joint and dispose the filter tip in a dustbin.

Remember – getting there requires a bit of hiking through the jungles and slippery rocks – so time your cannabis use accordingly and be careful. Of course, you can also take boat taxis to reach the main pier.

A good alternative to all of these are edibles – discreet and smell-free. Have some and head to any beach on the island to enjoy the sun, the sand, and the waves.

Can you smoke weed in your hotel?

Smoking cannabis in public areas like hotels and resorts on Koh Phi Phi is illegal. You can only smoke cigarettes in designated areas at these places.

However, you can smoke cannabis on private balconies or in gardens if it’s allowed for cigarettes. Some accommodations may be okay with cannabis use, but others may prohibit it. If you are unsure, ask at the reception.

It’s important to be thoughtful of local people, as many Thais don’t like the smell of cannabis. If you’re in a residential area, you might want to use discreet methods like edibles or visit any of the dispensaries we mentioned in our list.


Compared to other islands, Koh Phi Phi Don has only a few reputed dispensaries where you can find quality cannabis. While the prices may seem on the upper side, you can rest assured that you are getting good value for your money. Almost all of them are concentrated in the Tonsai Village – so you will want to either stock up here or carry your supplies from the mainland.

It is something to experience cannabis in the blue lagoon waters of the Andaman Sea – but you must be wise and responsible about it. Be mindful and alert as the terrain of the island can be unforgiving. Avoid lighting up in mainstream places like Maya Bay, Monkey Beach, or Long Beach. Instead, choose edibles to head up North towards Phak Nam or Loh Lana to enjoy your greens discreetly.