The Easiest Marijuana Strains to Grow for Beginners

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Published: 2024-02-10

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The journey of cannabis cultivation can be as rewarding as it is daunting, especially for those with less experience under their belts. However, the secret to becoming an expert weed farmer lies in starting with the right foundation: easy-to-grow cannabis strains.

These varieties stand out not only for their resilience and robust yields but also for their simplicity in cultivation, making them ideal for beginners. These strains will ease you into the art of growing marijuana.

In this guide, we’ll explore the top picks for the easiest cannabis strains to cultivate.

Effortlessly simple: Easy-to-grow cannabis strains

Our selection criteria focus on plants known for their straightforward growing requirements, resilience to common mistakes, and versatility in various environments.

Whether you’re working with a small indoor setup or have the luxury of an outdoor garden, these strains adapt beautifully, forgiving the occasional oversight while still rewarding you with abundant yields.

What’s more – each strain offers a lesson into the different aspects of growing cannabis – be it lighting, humidity, soil, temperatures, training techniques, or nutrients. If you master growing these nine cultivars, there is no strain out there that you cannot grow.

Northern Lights

  • Lineage: Afghani, Thai landraces
  • Dominance: Indica
  • THC & CBD: THC: 16% – 21%, CBD: <1%
  • Flowering time: 6-8 weeks
  • Average yield: Indoor: up to 500g/m², Outdoor: up to 655g/plant

A cult-classic and world-famous strain, Northern Lights stands as a testament to the power of simplicity and resilience.

Thanks to its pure Indica genetics, Northern Lights is remarkably easy to grow, thriving in most environments with minimal fuss. It’s resistant to common pests and diseases, making it an excellent choice for beginners looking for a straightforward path to a rewarding harvest.

Renowned for its mellow, relaxing effects, Northern Lights delivers a comfortable laziness that encourages sleep, making it a favourite among those seeking relief from insomnia and stress. Its buds are coated in crystal trichomes, radiating a sweet and spicy aroma. The flavour is equally appealing, with hints of earthy sweetness that soothe the senses.

Blue Dream

  • Lineage: Blueberry and Haze
  • Dominance: Hybrid
  • THC & CBD: THC: 17% – 24%, CBD: ~1%
  • Flowering time: 9-10 weeks
  • Average yield: Indoor: up to 500g/m², Outdoor: up to 800g/plant

Blue Dream combines the best of both worlds with its balanced effects that inspire alertness and a calming serenity. Its berry-flavoured profile, enriched with hints of herbal sweetness, makes every puff a delightful experience.

Cultivating Blue Dream is a breeze, thanks to its robust nature and adaptability to various growing conditions. It’s known for its vigorous growth and resistance to mildew and pests, ideal for first-time growers seeking a hassle-free experience with a generous yield. In fact, it is one of the easiest cannabis strains to grow.

It is also a good plant to try out training & pruning practices; Blue Dream can go as high as 2 metres outside so you should know how to keep the plant straight and support the branches.

Jack Herer

  • Lineage: Haze, Northern Lights #5, and Shiva Skunk
  • Dominance: Sativa-dominant
  • THC & CBD: THC: 18% – 23%, CBD: ~1%
  • Flowering time: 8-10 weeks
  • Average yield: Indoor: up to 500g/m², Outdoor: up to 550g/plant

Jack Herer, named after the legendary cannabis activist, is as dynamic as its namesake, offering a spicy, pine-scented aroma and a taste that blends earthy notes with a hint of citrus.

Growing Jack Herer is relatively straightforward, with the plant showing resilience to pests and mould. Its adaptability to both indoor and outdoor settings, along with its consistent yields, makes it a solid option for first-timers. She also does remarkably well in warm weather so outdoor gardeners may want to practice their art with her.

This strain is known for its blissful, clear-headed, and creative high, making it a favourite among those seeking a burst of inspiration or relief from depression and fatigue.

Gorilla Glue

  • Lineage: Chem’s Sister, Sour Dubb, and Chocolate Diesel
  • Dominance: Hybrid
  • THC & CBD: THC: 25% – 30%, CBD: <1%
  • Flowering time: 8-9 weeks
  • Average yield: Indoor: up to 550g/m², Outdoor: up to 600g/plant

Gorilla Glue, also known as GG4, is a powerhouse of a strain, famous for its sticky resin and potent effects. It offers a pungent, earthy, and sour aroma that translates into a rich, complex flavour profile. Effects-wise, expect a heavy-handed euphoria and relaxation, leaving you feeling “glued” to the couch.

Despite its potent effects, Gorilla Glue is surprisingly easy to grow indoors and outdoors, demonstrating resilience to pests, moulds, and diseases. That said, there is a reason why they call her call her Gorilla Glue – it’s because of her sheer size. The plant can grow to a substantial height – up to 2 metres – with plenty of bushy branches.

High-stress training, pruning, topping, and screen of green techniques are very much recommended here to improve the yield. Given its high resilience to stress, you can experiment with such methods all you want – you will still be able to get a decent harvest.

Blue Cheese

  • Lineage: Blueberry and UK Cheese
  • Dominance: Indica
  • THC & CBD: THC: 17% – 20%, CBD: <1%
  • Flowering time: 7-8 weeks
  • Average yield: Indoor: up to 500g/m², Outdoor: up to 550g/plant

Blue Cheese is a flavour-focused strain that combines the sweet and fruity aroma of Blueberry with the savoury richness of Cheese. The result is a unique, creamy, and cheese-like flavour that delights the palate.

Being an Indica variety, Blue Cheese thrives in cooler climates similar to mountain regions, reflecting its robust and mould-resistant nature. As such, this is best recommended for indoor grow where temperatures can be controlled – especially if you live in a warm place. Beginners who are new to indoor weed farming will want to try Blue Cheese.

Do note that she can grow tall during the vegetative phase – indoor growers will want to train the plant. Outside, she can go as high as 3 metres – making it another plant to practice your training craft. She also tends to get bushy with plenty of leaves so keep your trimming scissors handy.

Blue Cheese is also one of those plants where temperature shock during flowering can bring out the purple and blue hues. This includes manipulating day and night temperatures – while it can seem tricky, this cultivar is the perfect place to start trying it out.

Granddaddy Purple

  • Lineage: Purple Urkle and Big Bud
  • Dominance: Indica
  • THC & CBD: THC: 17% – 24%, CBD: <1%
  • Flowering time: 8-11 weeks
  • Average yield: Indoor: up to 450g/m², Outdoor: up to 500g/plant

Granddaddy Purple, or GDP, is a visually striking strain with its deep purple foliage and contrasting orange hairs, accompanied by a complex berry and grape aroma.

It’s renowned for delivering a fusion of cerebral euphoria and physical relaxation, making it a go-to for pain relief, insomnia, and stress.

GDP is particularly suited to indoor cultivation, where conditions can be optimised for its colouration and bud structure. It’s a forgiving plant that tolerates minor fluctuations in the environment, making it suitable for beginners. She likes cold, dry temperatures – so you will want to keep humidity low and have cool air moving around the garden. High humidity will make her prone to pests.

Apart from that, expect straightforward, easy cultivation with decent yields and a potent body high.

Green Crack

  • Lineage: Skunk #1 crossed with an unknown Indica
  • Dominance: Sativa
  • THC & CBD: THC: 15% – 25%, CBD: <1%
  • Flowering time: 7-9 weeks
  • Average yield: Indoor: up to 600g/m², Outdoor: up to 700g/plant

Green Crack is celebrated for its energizing and invigorating effects, offering a tangy, fruity flavor reminiscent of mango, making it a daytime favorite for productivity and creativity.

This strain delivers a sharp mental buzz that keeps you going throughout the day, perfect for combating fatigue and stress while uplifting mood.

Green Crack is notably easy to grow, thriving in sunny, Mediterranean-like climates – like most Sativas. It’s a robust plant that grows quickly and is resistant to common pests, making it a great option for beginners. In nature when left free to grow, she can produce the best yields. Amateur garderens with some space outdoors can practice outside cannabis growing with this variety. Be prepared to use trellisses to support the growing colas.

Its relatively short flowering time and generous yield potential make it a rewarding choice for cultivators with green thumbs.


  • Lineage: California Orange crossed with a Skunk hybrid
  • Dominance: Sativa
  • THC & CBD: THC: 19% – 22%, CBD: <1%
  • Flowering time: 9-10 weeks
  • Average yield: Indoor: up to 500g/m², Outdoor: up to 600g/plant

Tangie brings back the classic Tangerine Dream’s citrusy legacy, offering a refreshing tangerine aroma with a hint of sweetness. Its taste is equally appealing, with a burst of citrus that energizes the senses.

Cultivating Tangie requires a bit more attention, especially in managing its height, nutrient needs, and ensuring adequate light penetration. This is a cultivar you will want to grow after you have tried your hand in other strains.

However, its resistance to mould and pests, along with the high-quality yields it produces, make it a worthy challenge for growers.

The effects of Tangie are predominantly uplifting and euphoric, providing a creative and energizing boost that’s ideal for daytime use. It’s a go-to for those looking to alleviate stress, fatigue, and mood swings.

Pineapple Express

  • Lineage: Cross between Trainwreck and Hawaiian
  • Dominance: Sativa
  • THC & CBD: THC: 20% – 25%, CBD: <1%
  • Flowering Time: 7-9 weeks
  • Average Yield: Indoor: up to 500g/m², Outdoor: up to 550g/plant

Pineapple Express has become a household name, thanks in part to its fame on the silver screen, but also due to its impressive combination of potent effects and a deliciously fruity, pineapple aroma.

Pineapple Express is relatively easy to grow for freshers, with a resilience to mould and pests that make it suitable for both novice and experienced cultivators. It prefers a warm, humid climate to fully express its terpene profile. Training techniques and topping can help improve the harvest – in terms of quality and size.

This strain offers a long-lasting, energetic buzz that’s perfect for productive afternoons and creative endeavours. It’s also noted for its potential in alleviating pain, fatigue, and loss of appetite.

What type of seed should you choose?

Choosing the right type of cannabis seed can greatly simplify your growing process and increase your harvest’s success. Whether it is dealing with the light cycles or managing male or female plants in your garden, choosing the right seed type will make your life a whole lot simpler.

Here are the key points for newcomers:

  • Autoflowering seeds

Ideal for beginners or those seeking fast and straightforward growth. These seeds automatically flower after a certain age, eliminating the need for light cycle adjustments. They grow quickly, stay small, and are generally more resilient.

  • Feminised seeds

These seeds are bred to produce only female plants, which are the ones that grow buds. Using feminised seeds means you won’t waste resources on male plants that don’t yield. This choice ensures higher productivity and efficiency in your grow space, and not having to worry about pollination or hermaphrodites.

Autflowering seeds are best recommended for first-time growers. Feminised seeds can be chosen when you have had a couple of harvests.


The easiest cannabis strains to grow offer beginners a forgiving introduction to growing marijuana, allowing room for learning and experimentation with techniques like training and topping. For instance, Blue Cheese is ideal to learn how manipulating temperatures can bring out colours while Tangie and Gorilla Glue offer a lesson in training, topping, and pruning.

These resilient strains recover well from common growing errors, ensuring rewarding harvests even for those who make mistakes. Hence, choosing any of these strains perfect for both novices eager to learn and experienced growers looking for hassle-free cultivation.