Big Bud

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Pinene, myrcene, ocimene
Helps with
Pain, muscle spasms, sleep
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Best Indica at High Times Cannabis Cup 1989






Sativa Indica

Effects & Usage



Big Bud is a majestic indica-dominant hybrid with moderate THC levels, ranging between 15-20%. Revered for its soothing body high and subtle cerebral uplift, Big Bud sparks good vibes and relaxation. This strain quickly got reputed for its enormous buds, giving it the hilarious name. Its esteemed lineage, resulting from a cross between three highly regarded indicas, brings out the best that indica varieties have to offer.


Big Bud reveals itself gradually, and it might take a while before you feel its effects. Due to its heavily indica-dominated genetics, the high is mainly reduced to a deep body stone.

Users often report feeling foggy as they slowly succumb to profound relaxation. Time may start going very slowly, and you will be pleased with doing not much at all, rather than laying on your couch. Therefore, this strain will make a good companion for when you have a relaxing, lazy evening in mind.

This strain has got you covered whether you need to find solace from stress or ease physical discomfort. Just ensure that all your daily activities are taken care of, as you may easily drift off to sleep at the end of the trip.

Consider its parent, Northern Lights or Platinum Kush if you’re seeking a similar experience with a slightly different twist.


Those with physical ailments will especially appreciate Big Bud’s benefits. Its ability to relieve pain and inflammation, facilitated by pinene, makes it suitable for those with chronic pain, arthritis, or muscle tension. The strain’s relaxing properties, boosted by myrcene, can also assist individuals with insomnia. Lastly, the mood-enhancing effects can alleviate symptoms of mood disorders.

Side effects

The most prevalent side effects of consuming Big Bud include sensations of dry mouth and dry eyes, alongside dizziness. However, it may cause mild anxiety or paranoia in sensitive individuals, as all high-THC strains can. Therefore, new users should approach this strain with caution and begin with small doses.

Big Bud’s relaxing properties may induce drowsiness when consumed during the day, so we would not recommend smoking it before the evening.

Taste & Smell


Just like its name suggests, the buds of this flower are massive. They are tightly packed together with few pistils far and between. However, the thick furry coating of trichomes adds to its visual allure. It also makes this strain highly resinous and, as such, very sticky.

As you break them apart, an orchestra of aromas greets your senses, featuring earthy undertones, sweet floral notes and an intense spice hint reminiscent of hash. This lovely scent will make your mouth water even before you light up your joint. Once you do, you can expect the combination of flavours to hit your palate: a sweet and smooth inhale, finished by the earthy and spicy tones on the exhale.



The origins of the Big Bud trace back to the 1980s, when three predominantly indica strains were mixed together: Afghani landrace, Skunk #1 and Northern Lights. With such reputable genetics and enormous flowers, weed aficionados quickly appreciated the strain. Shortly after its release, it won the 1989 Cannabis High Cup within the indica category.

Growing conditions

Growing the Big Bud strain is a relatively straightforward process, with its short flowering time of 7-9 weeks and high resistance to pests and mildew. It prefers indoor cultivation but will also do well outdoors during Thai winter. The plants have dense, massive buds that live up to their name. Therefore, growers need to give the branches plenty of space and support, as they can snap under the weight of the big colas.

If you decide to grow your Big Bud, you can expect to be rewarded beautifully for your efforts. The strain is among the highest yielders out there, with up to 1000 grams per plant grown outdoors and 600 grams per square metre indoors.