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Sativa Indica

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Filled with zesty goodness, Tangie is a delightful treat and multi-award winner. This predominantly sativa hybrid offers a tapestry of creative bursts and mood elevation, supplying energy like a bright midday sun. Its origins trace back to the fusion of California Orange and Skunk, resulting in a THC-rich masterpiece dancing around 17% to 22%.


The quick and intense onset of Tangie’s effects may catch even seasoned users by surprise. The strain immediately announces its presence with a powerful rush of euphoria, awakening your mind like an electric current. Any negative thoughts and unrest are quickly wiped out, replaced by optimism and clarity of mind.

You will notice a newly found enthusiasm and creativity, which will not only give you inspiration for work but also enhance any conversation, providing a fun and vibrant social setting.

As time passes, a small indica influence will help relax your body very gently, leaving your physical and mental sphere in a pleasant, inspired state.


While Tangie is a delightful recreational strain, it also has plenty of therapeutic effects. With the help of relaxing myrcene, the strain soothes tension and reduces stress. It is uplifting and energising, which may help deal with symptoms of depression, as well as chronic fatigue.

Tangie also has the potential to soothe moderate pains, from headaches to arthritis, due to anti-inflammatory CBG (at 1% concentration), as well as the presence of pinene.

Side effects

The most commonly reported side effect of Tangie is the case of a cottonmouth, with light dehydration of the eyes, too. Mostly in case of overconsumption, a bit of anxiety, headaches and dizziness can also appear. Moderation is the best approach to ensure a smooth experience – and this is especially true if you have a low THC tolerance or are prone to mental health problems. Start low and go slow on this potent sativa, and you should have a delightful experience.

Taste & Smell


Tangie’s name is an accurate reflection of its invigorating aroma and taste. You will encounter an exciting scent, bursting with fresh tangerine zest and sweetness. Underneath it, there is a slight skunky note.

Each inhale of Tangie is a pure delight, and it can be likened to chewing a sweet orange candy coating your tongue. It may easily be one of the most delicious strains you will encounter, contributing to this flower’s huge popularity.

Its tiny, popcorn-shaped buds showcase a light green hue, sparkling with glistening trichomes and dark orange pistils.

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Tangie was crafted by the Amsterdam-based DNA Genetics from a combination of California Orange and Skunk #1. This strain is a modern spin on the renowned Tangerine Dream, and it is safe to say that it became a worthy successor. In the abundance of strains available today, winning a single award is already significant. However, Tangie scored 10 Cannabis Cup awards in a single year – proving how extraordinary it is!

Growing conditions

Cultivating Tangie should be achievable for new growers as long as they stick to a couple of guidelines. It is important to supplement the soil with some nutrients to bring out the best scent and flavour of the strain. Early and regular pruning is also advised.

Tangie loves a hot outdoor climate with temperatures between 20 and 30°C, so it is a perfect strain to grow yourself during the winter season.

Within 9 to 10 weeks, it will be ready for harvest, rewarding the growers with a high yield of 400-500 grams per square metre indoors and over 500 grams per plant outdoors.