Jack Herer

Consuming marijuana can be addictive and responsible use is strongly encouraged. The content on this page is for information purposes only and does not comprise medicinal advice. If you are looking to supplement your health routine with cannabis, consult a doctor.

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Distinctive terpenes
Terpinolene, limonene, pinene, caryophyllene
Helps with
Stress, anxiety, fatigue, pain
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Sativa Indica

Effects & Usage



Jack Herer is an iconic sativa-dominant hybrid originating in the cannabis capital of the world itself. A potent cross of three varieties (sativa Haze hybrid, the Northern Lights indica and the Shiva Skunk), this strain boasts 18% THC. It will give you a clear-headed, refreshing, and revitalising high with a big energy boost. It is well-known and loved worldwide, as evidenced by its numerous awards, such as the High Cannabis Times Cup.


You will notice the effects immediately, and you will experience a sense of euphoria, a creative and cerebral high lasting for a few hours.

The bud has been described as a “morning medicine” thanks to its energy- and mood-boosting properties. Due to its energising effects, it is a good strain for your “wake and bake”. At the same time, thanks to its indica genetics, you can expect your body to feel mellow and relaxed too. Jack Herer is a great choice for artists and creators needing inspiration. It will also be a great addition to a brainstorming event or a social gathering, bringing up creativity and sociability.

If you are a fan of sativas and have a high THC tolerance, you may enjoy more potent strains such as Sour Diesel, Green Crack or Haze.


Jack Herer may assist you with symptoms of stress, depression and anxiety. It also has some muscle-relaxing and pain-killing properties. As an energizing strain, it may also help consumers with chronic fatigue syndrome. However, it is important to keep in mind that large doses of high-THC cannabis may induce paranoia and panic. Always remember to use it responsibly.

Side effects

You can expect the common side effects: “cottonmouth” paired with dry eyes. Smoking this energizing sativa late at night may also make it difficult to fall asleep; this effect may largely be due to the presence of terpinolene and limonene. The two terpenes are known for their ability to elevate mood and promote a sense of joy. Clearly, taking them before sleep will just keep you up.

In case you get overwhelmed, you can try chewing on a black peppercorn to calm down, or try any of the other remedies to sober up. Taking a dose of CBD oil may also help reduce the psychoactive effects of THC.

Taste & Smell


Jack Herer has a distinctive scent, which can be attributed to its unique combination of terpenes. The spicy aroma of caryophyllene is enhanced by the presence of pinene, which adds a pine-like fragrance to it. The two are complemented by the fruity, citrus smell of terpinolene. Smoking this flower is undoubtedly enjoyable, with a pleasing blend of lemon and orange flavours complemented by a subtle sweetness.

As for the looks, the Jack Herer strain typically has dense, long, bright green buds with orange or rusty hairs. Thanks to its high THC content, the flower is densely covered in frost-like trichomes.



Jack Herer was created in the 1990s in the Netherlands as a cross of a sativa Haze hybrid, mixed with two indicas: the Northern Lights #5 and the Shiva Skunk. The Sensi Seeds breeders named their strain in honour of a prominent cannabis rights activist. They managed to brilliantly capture Jack Herer’s spirit, translating his optimistic outlook and boundless energy into a marijuana variety that boasts a similarly broad appeal.

While the strain was originally developed as medical-grade cannabis and distributed in pharmacies, it quickly made its way to popularity in many dispensaries around the globe. Nowadays, it is consumed both medically and in recreational settings.

Growing conditions

Jack Herer thrives best in dry and hot climates. Standing tall, the plant can reach heights of up to 1.8m. Growing it is a rewarding experience, as the strain is relatively easy to cultivate and highly pest- and disease-resistant, including molds and mildew. All of these attributes make it a perfect strain to grow outdoors in Thailand.

Moreover, you can expect a high yield – around 500 grams per square meter when grown indoors and between 500-550 grams per plant when cultivated outdoors. The flowering period for this strain typically is between 8 to 10 weeks.