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Distinctive terpenes
Caryophyllene, ocimene, linalool
Helps with
Mood disorders, fatigue, ADHD, pain
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Very High
Sativa Indica

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Enter the world of Gelatti, where the symphony of potency and flavour promises a captivating experience. With its roots in the decadent Gelato and Biscotti, this evenly balanced hybrid promises a ride into cerebral excitement coupled with a touch of physical relaxation. Scoring usually between 20 and 23% THC, Gelatti mimics the parent strains’ ability to induce unmatched, long-lasting euphoric bliss.


Gelatti enters your system with a wave of euphoria that spreads immediately, wrapping your mind in a blanket of creativity and pure happiness. It completely wipes out all negativity, releasing the mental shackles that previously held you down. As such, it empowers you with confidence and optimism, making your tasks run seamlessly. A great muse for thinkers, dreamers, writers and painters, Gelatti will certainly be appreciated in all kinds of creative settings.

The mental bliss is followed by a serene body high, potent enough to unknot any muscular tension and pain, yet by no means overwhelming. Rather, it complements the cerebral journey beautifully, bringing your body and mind to a state of harmony.

However, like the potent bliss and relaxation it brings about, the munchies are just as strong. Towards the end of the high, you may expect to get very hungry, which makes Gelatti a little less of a non-calorie treat than it might initially seem.

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As Gelatti fills its users with tonnes of positive energy and facilitates focus, it can be a valuable tool in aiding chronic fatigue and attention deficit disorders. It also uplifts and clears stressors away, bringing an intensely euphoric journey that may temporarily relieve sufferers of mood disorders such as depression and PTSD.

Its benefits extend beyond the mental sphere, as Gelatti also has the ability to soothe pain. Aided by the anti-inflammatory CBG (1%) and caryophyllene, the strain offers a break from bodily discomforts – from headaches and migraines to muscle cramps and joint aches.

In addition, it stimulates hunger, which may prove helpful for patients with conditions such as anorexia nervosa.

Side effects

Although Gelatti usually provides a very pleasurable high, it occasionally contributes to slight sensations of anxiety and dizziness due to its potency. This is especially true for users with a lower tolerance and those prone to mental health conditions. Therefore, it is essential to enjoy it in moderation. Start slow and go low to make the most of your journey.

You can also expect the common side effects of marijuana consumption, including dry mouth and eyes.

Taste & Smell


Coming from a combination of two dessert-named strains, Gelatti is obviously a sensational treat.

The smell is a complex, exciting mix of vanilla sweetness and fruity notes, rounded off by a gassy scent enhanced with a hint of spice. Gelatti’s dominant terpenes can all be recognised in its sensational flavour, with floral linalool notes complemented by a nutty note on the inhale, developing into a robust, spicy and gassy caryophyllene exhale that culminates in a refreshing minty, ocimene-influenced aftertaste.

Adding to the strain’s appeal is the beautiful look of its flower – with fluffiness resulting from a thick trichome covering. The compact buds also showcase captivating purple and blue highlights that create a gorgeous interplay with the green tones.



Gelatti is yet another unique creation of the Californian-based Cookie Fam Genetics. Hailing from two dessert-like, highly esteemed strains, Gelato and Biscotti, it inherits the delightful qualities of its parents. This results in a hybrid with a sublime taste and a very uplifting high. If you manage to get your hands on this rare beauty, it is certainly more than worth trying.

Growing conditions

Although getting your hands on original Gelatti seeds is incredibly tricky, the growing process is usually seamless. Adaptable indoors and outdoors, the strain is resilient against mould and pests. Sunny climates with temperatures between 22-28° are the most optimal. It flowers relatively quickly and is usually ready to harvest in around 7 to 9 weeks. Yields range from moderate to high, with indoor cultivation providing 350-450 grams per square metre and 400-500 grams for outdoor plants.