Animal Face

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Quick info

Distinctive terpenes
Myrcene, caryophyllene, limonene
Helps with
Pain, stress, anxiety
Ease of growing
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Very High
Sativa Indica

Effects & Usage



Animal Face is a sativa-dominant gem coming from the union of Face Off OG and Animal Mints. With a staggering 21-30% THC potency, this is not a strain for the fainthearted. It will knock you off your feet with a cerebral high that entirely takes over the headspace and your entire body – giving you a heavy stone where laughter and enjoyment fill up the whole journey.


Animal Face is definitely not a strain for beginners. This potent marvel hits hard and fast, taking you to a state of euphoria moments after your first puff. This cerebral high is so intense that you instantly escape whatever was troubling you in the first place. As the strain makes it hard to think of anything at all, it gives the mind some rest, putting you in a happy zone where all that matters is enjoying the present moment.

Before long, a soothing body high kicks in, easing your entire physical being from head to toe. While it won’t glue you to the couch due to the sheer intensity of the mental high, you will still feel too relaxed to care about anything else. As such, Animal Face is best enjoyed whenever a mental getaway is needed. Ideal for immersive music sessions and hearty laughs with friends, this bud brings forth a perfect mix of introspection and easygoing social interaction.

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Thanks to an enormous THC content, combined with the anti-inflammatory CBG (1%) and caryophyllene, Animal Face can do wonders in soothing and diminishing pain perception. This may be utilised across a range of conditions, such as post-injury pain, menstrual cramps or arthritis.

The heady high and ensuing euphoria are so potent that they may easily distract from problems and stressors, providing a short-term respite from stress, anxiety and depression.

Side effects

Like most cannabis strains, Animal Cake can bring dry eyes and mouth. Due to the potent, heady high it delivers, it may also contribute to mild sensations of dizziness, anxiety and paranoia – especially to sensitive users. Therefore, responsible consumption and staying within your limits are crucial to having a pleasant experience with this strain. Start with just one puff and raise your dosage if needed.

Taste & Smell


Animal Face teases the senses with a rich, multilayered aroma combining creamy sweetness and zesty, citrusy limonene with touches of diesel and pine. If discretion is your goal, take precautions – this smell will be hard to hide.

The flavour is just as complex as the fragrance, combining an earthy inhale with strongly accentuated hints of nuts and mint, culminating in a potent piney, fuel aftertaste.

As per the flowers’ appearance, they tend to display a darker hue, with a mossy green, tightly packed structure interwoven with dark orange hairs and a light amber trichome coat.



Hailing straight from the shores of sunny California, the strain was developed by the skilled breeders at Seed Junky Genetics, responsible for viral creations such as Wedding Cake. Animal Face boasts a potent parentage of Face Off OG and Animal Mints. This combination has been quickly appreciated since its release not long ago – receiving the 2022 Emerald Cup award.

Growing conditions

As the original seeds have not been released for sale, your only option for growing Animal Face is to get your hands on a clipping for a clone from an existing plant.

Growing information on the strain is limited, but we can infer that the plants tend to be of moderate height, between 1-1.5 metres, regardless of where they are grown. They need careful monitoring of light, humidity and temperature levels – which should resemble their Californian environment as closely as possible.

The flowering period usually spans 9-11 weeks, with yields anywhere from 300 to 600 grams per square metre indoors and 600-1200 grams per plant outdoors.