California Orange

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Distinctive terpenes
Limonene, myrcene, caryophyllene
Helps with
Stress, depression, anxiety
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Sativa Indica

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Straight from the sun-soaked shores of the Golden State comes California Orange (also known as Cali-O, California Orange Bud) – a classic embodying the spirit of the West Coast. This evenly balanced hybrid lifts you up while simultaneously relaxing the mind and the body. With a rather low THC content of 10-15%, its effects are gentle enough to suit everybody. The parents of this vintage strain remain undisclosed, but some speculators link its lineage to the Thai and Afghan landraces.


The onset of California Orange’s effects is like the soft warmth of a morning sun – making its presence felt quickly yet gently. This isn’t the kind of strain that pushes you into overdrive. Instead, it’s more like a warm, pleasant embrace, making the world around you feel brighter. You will find yourself giggling and smiling right from the start – as if someone put a pair of rose-coloured glasses on your face. The dark clouds over your head will become a thing of the past – replaced by the sunny, light California Orange presence.

You will feel inspired, focused and creative with such a clear head. This bud is a perfect companion for all kinds of work – artistic or otherwise.

Midway through the journey, the indica kicks in, releasing all bodily tension and complementing the serene blissfulness of the mind. However, these effects are gentle enough to allow you to remain productive and immersed in all fun activities. With its mild, mellow versatility, California Orange lends itself to various settings – be it a working afternoon, painting and crafting, a chill evening with your friends or a relaxed self-care day.

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Due to its reasonably high CBG and CBD content (1%), Cali Orange is a soothing relaxant to the body and mind. It shines in the mental sphere, destroying the burdens of stress and negativity. As a result, it may provide successful, albeit temporary, relief from the overwhelm caused by depression or anxiety. Thanks to the physical tranquillity it facilitates, the strain also has the potential to ease minor pains, such as headaches.

Side effects

As a gentle strain, Cali-O is relatively easy on its users regarding the side effects. Apart from the typical dry mouth and eye sensations, some users can experience slight dizziness when they start smoking. However, as with all strains, California Orange can also contribute to dizziness and paranoia, so it is best to moderate your consumption. Begin slowly and gradually increase the dosage to your desired level.

Taste & Smell


Imagine walking through a citrus orchard early in the morning- the air is filled with a zesty, sweet orange aroma, complemented by subtle hints of myrcene earthiness. That’s California Orange for you. While incredibly exciting, it is also powerful – keeping your consumption a secret will be hard.

Upon tasting, the dominant terpene limonene treats you to an explosion of a refreshing, slightly sour burst, turning into a sweet tangerine aftertaste.

The buds don’t disappoint either – with their huge leafy green flowers and bright red-orange pistils, they too appear like orange fruits. What sets them apart is the extraordinary amount of resin – making this flower very sticky.

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The tale of this bud began sometime around the 1980s, and it quickly became one of the most popular strains on the sunny Californian shores. During America’s war on drugs, it was transported to the Netherlands. Dutch Passion further stabilised the strain, preserving its goodness. Cali Orange lives on to this day as a parent of one of the new, beloved strains – Tangie.

Growing conditions

California Orange, as can be derived from its namesake, thrives under sunny and warm conditions. It was explicitly bred with mould resistance in mind to make it a relatively easy-going plant. However, it can reach from 1.2 to almost 2 metres in height, so pruning and trimming and low-stress training techniques will help you keep the plant healthy, maximising the yield.

California Orange usually starts blooming around 9-10 weeks, rewarding growers with an excellent output of 400 to 500 grams per square metre indoors and 500+ grams per plant outdoors.