Wild Thailand

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Distinctive terpenes
Limonene, ocimene, pinene
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Stress, pain, inflammation
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Sativa Indica

Effects & Usage



Wild Thailand (also known as Wild Thai) is an offspring of Thai landrace. This pure sativa is famed for inducing a euphoric, energising, clear-headed high. Its THC content varies widely depending on the phenotype, from as low as 9% to a high 23%. However, it also contains a significant amount of THC-V at 4%, so it is almost sure to get anyone off the couch and ready for action.


The onset of Wild Thailand’s effects is as enchanting as a sunrise at the beach. Initially subtle, it gradually builds up, illuminating the mind and awakening you. The cerebral high uplifts, thoughts become clearer, and the mundane suddenly seems extraordinary. A rush of renewed perception and heightened creativity overtakes the mind, making it an ally for artists, thinkers, and daydreamers alike. Thanks to a high THC-V content, its high is as clear-headed as it comes, fostering productivity and inspiration. There aren’t many better strains when tackling your to-do list, cleaning the house, or exercising.

A delightful tingle travels down your body as the high sails forward, stimulating it further. Many users report feeling aroused by this strain, which makes it a perfect choice to share with your loved one.

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Due to its unique composition, Wild Thailand displays a somewhat different therapeutic profile than many other strains. It is high in THC-V (around 4%), a cannabinoid that acts as an appetite suppressant and might help regulate blood sugar. Therefore, this “diet weed” might be a good choice for anyone with diabetes, just like those trying to control their food intake, as it will not lead to a case of munchies.

THC-V may also contribute to reducing stress and panic attacks, which, combined with the calming myrcene, can help individuals struggling with mental health disorders find solace.

Lastly, the strain is high in anti-inflammatory terpenes, ocimene and pinene, and CBG (1%), which may reduce inflammation and pain – from headaches and muscle tension to chronic pain and fibromyalgia.

Side effects

This potent sativa, although a natural option, is a very stimulating strain and may occasionally induce some dizziness, anxiety and a slight sensation of paranoia. This is especially true for people already prone to these conditions and those with a low THC tolerance. To ensure a smooth journey, make sure to practise responsible consumption.

As with all cannabis strains, you may also expect mild mouth and eye dehydration.

Taste & Smell


Wild Thai presents with large, neon green buds and long orange hairs that make the flowers fluffy.

Its gentle, natural smell takes you right to a lovely forest – with a predominantly earthy base mixed with a sweet, berry-scented layer. A hint of fresh herbs and pine beautifully enhances it.

The taste harmoniously embodies this enticing aroma, offering a sweet berry flavour on the inhale, culminating in a rich, woody aftertaste that lingers long after you are done smoking.



Every great strain has a story, and Wild Thailand’s tale is rooted in the Ko Chang islands. This cultivar is a proud descendant of the famous Thai landrace, with some sources claiming it was also crossed with a Ruderalis plant.

The World of Seeds popularised it, and unlike the hybrids we frequently encounter today, Wild Thailand offers a direct connection to the traditional plants that thrived in nature.

Growing conditions

Given the strain comes from Thailand, you are in the best climate possible to grow it here! The seeds are also readily available so that the cultivation process will be seamless. With its strong landrace roots, Wild Thailand is naturally resistant to all plant diseases.

Within 9 to 10 weeks, it will be ready for harvest. You can grow it indoors for more reliable yields (550-650 grams per square metre). Outdoor cultivation is a viable option (providing anywhere between 250-600 grams per plant), but beware that this tall sativa can reach even 3 metres and might be hard to hide.