Purple Punch

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Distinctive terpenes
Caryophyllene, Limonene, Pinene
Helps with
Stress, anxiety, depression, pain
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Sativa Indica

Effects & Usage



Purple Punch is an indica-dominant strain with an average THC level of around 20%. With its powerful relaxing effects and a deliciously sweet grape aroma, it does justice to its Granddaddy Purple lineage. This charming hybrid quickly gathered fame and widespread recognition, and it has already been used in creating several other strains, further solidifying its place in the cannabis market.


Embracing the effects of Purple Punch feels like a relaxing sunset boat ride, peacefully drifting you away from the day’s worries. Its onset begins with a gentle cerebral uplift, offering mental clarity and a refreshed, cheerful outlook on life. As you gently float into this elevated state of mind, the indica effects come to the shore, with a relaxing sensation spreading down your limbs. Soon, physical tension and pains dissipate, and the relaxation becomes so profound that it can leave you feeling stuck to the couch.

Therefore, Purple Punch will work best as an evening remedy after a long, stressful day or during lazy, rainy afternoons spent with your favourite book or a movie marathon.


This strain is not only delicious but also provides a wide array of medicinal benefits. Stress and anxiety can be eased by Purple Punch. It can also be an effective remedy for insomnia if used before sleep. Thanks to a high caryophyllene and pinene content, Purple Punch shows excellent anti-inflammatory properties, contributing to pain relief in various conditions such as migraines, arthritis and muscle spasms.

Side effects

Purple Punch comes with the usual side effects of cannabis consumption, namely dry mouth, dry eyes, and occasional dizziness. While anxiety and paranoia are not common, they can nevertheless occur, mainly if you use a high dose or are sensitive to these conditions. Therefore, always start slowly and use responsibly, beginning with a simple puff.

It is also a strain known to cause drowsiness, so refrain from using it early in the day.

Taste & Smell


Purple Punch stands true to its name, delivering a sensory experience reminiscent of a delightful dessert after a long day. The strain teases the nose with a distinctively sweet fragrance, bringing to mind fruit-flavoured candies. The taste doesn’t stray far from this aroma, hitting the palate with strong grape notes on the inhale. These develop into a blueberry sweetness on the exhale, leaving a pleasant aftertaste that lingers for a long while after you finish your last puff.

The beautiful look of the plant further adds to Purple Punch’s allure, boasting deep violet leaves and fluffy, light green buds with a frosty white trichome coating.

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Supernova Gardens developed Purple Punch in 2012 from a cross of Larry OG with the mighty Granddaddy Purple. Within a short time, it has captivated the hearts of worldwide users, quickly becoming a favourite. The strain has already won several awards at competitions across the US and was used in the creation of the delicious Slurricane and Mimosa flowers.

Growing conditions

The main struggle you will encounter when growing Purple Punch is keeping pests at bay, as the strain is prone to caterpillars and mould infestations.

Growing your plants indoors makes it easier to control for these factors, but surprisingly, outdoor cultivation usually provides a significantly higher yield.

With tender love and care, Purple Punch will flower in 7-8 weeks on average, providing a massive harvest of 600 grams per square metre and a staggering 1000-2000 grams per plant outdoors. Ensure you have sufficient space – the plants grow taller than your average indica, reaching around 1.5-1.8m.