Blue OG

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Quick info

Distinctive terpenes
Myrcene, caryophyllene, limonene
Helps with
Stress, depression, pain, insomnia
Ease of growing
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Sativa Indica

Effects & Usage



Blue OG (also known as Blue OG Kush) is an indica-dominant hybrid with a prestigious lineage, including the OG Kush and Blueberry strains. With the THC levels ranging from 13% to 20%, it evokes a gentle, soothing spectrum of relief and relaxation, where all pain and worries vanish away. The superb final touch is the strain’s fabulous fruity aroma, guaranteed to satisfy even the most picky smokers.


The initial effects of Blue OG unfold so subtly that it may take a while for you to realise you smoked. They begin with a gentle mood uplift, gradually developing into a state of euphoria and deep contentment. While you may feel extra inspired and creative, ready to take on the world, it does not take long for the indica effects to come to the shore, transporting your mind and body to a serene place – akin to floating in the ocean. The limbs and eyelids become heavier, and your mind drifts on a comfy, warm cloud, perfectly relaxed and aligned. The relaxation ultimately becomes so deep that all you will dream of is the comfort of your couch and a movie marathon. As such, Blue OG is best left for these blissful late afternoons and evenings when you can fully indulge in its blissful action.

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This indica-dominant hybrid can be utilised in a therapeutic setting, offering soothing relief and relaxation. The combination of calming myrcene and anti-inflammatory caryophyllene makes it an excellent choice for individuals suffering from persistent discomfort, headaches, muscular spasms, and even menstrual discomforts. In addition, late-night use can help facilitate sleep for insomniacs.

Lastly, thanks to its uplifting action, supported by limonene, Blue OG can be beneficial in temporarily removing feelings of depression and anxiety.

Side effects

Blue OG is rather well-tolerated, with dry mouth and occasional dry eyes reported as common side effects. However, it may still trigger some anxiety and paranoia in those prone to these conditions and sensitive to THC. Therefore, beginners should approach this strain cautiously and start with minimal dosages. Blue OG might also make you drowsy if consumed early in the day.

Taste & Smell


Blue OG stands out among strains when it comes to its exceptional aroma. It will transport your mind to a forest after rainfall, with hints of pine, citrus and a sweet blueberry hue. The flavour mirrors this unique fragrance, hitting your tongue with a sweet fruity taste with distinct berry and citrus notes once again, complemented by a dash of pine and spicy OG notes courtesy of caryophyllene. Blue OG smokes very smoothly upon combustion and is gentle on the throat, which adds to its appeal.

The looks of the flower display a typical indica-like structure – with its densely packed light green buds complemented with occasional hints of purple.



Blue OG is a harmonious blend of some highly esteemed strains: OG Kush Blueberry and Blue Moonshine.

No wonder Blue OG feels so special with a lineage like that. The combination of each of the strain’s unique properties resulted in a highly soothing, relaxing hybrid with a fascinating fruity aroma.

Growing conditions

Blue OG is relatively easy to cultivate and makes for a good choice for first-time growers. It can thrive both indoors and outdoors as long as semi-humid, warm sunny conditions are provided. Using a grow tent for indoor cultivation is highly advised.

The plants generally have a short and bushy structure and would benefit from trimming the broad top leaves to allow sufficient light to reach the lower-laying branches.

Blue OG flowers within a relatively short time of 8 to 9 weeks and offers yields ranging from 400 to 500 grams per square metre indoors and around 500 grams per plant outdoors.