7 Best Marijuana Strains for Sex: How Weed can Help You in the Bedroom

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Updated: 2023-08-29
Best marijuana strains to improve sex life

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Marijuana is famous for its ability to heighten your senses. Food tastes better, music sounds good, and you are more aware of your surroundings. These intense sensory delights can also lead to better sex.

The world is full of stories where people have taken cannabis to improve sexual encounters.

The science of it is not 100% clear as the research is still developing. We know that cannabis can improve your mood and ease your anxiety. Add to this an increased sensory response, and it is not difficult to conclude why weed can contribute to a satisfying sexual experience. This means better orgasms, stronger sexual desire, and a more intimate connection.

With that in mind, here is our list of the top 7 cannabis strains to spice things up in the bedroom. Whether you need a flower to calm your nerves or to elevate the sensations, this list has got it all.

Cannabis strains for higher libido & pleasure

Mentioned below is Weed Review’s pick of the best marijuana cultivars for a sexy time.

These strains are well-suited to spice things up in the bedroom.

1. Wedding Cake

A potent stain that lives up to its name, Wedding Cake is our top pick for arousal – be it solo or with your partner. An Indica-dominant hybrid with THC levels varying from 20-25%, the strain is known for its mood-improving and euphoric effects.

Users report feeling happy, relaxed and focussed. The mental clarity is also joined by a physical high, leading to heightened senses and sexual arousal.

2. Do-si-dos

Another Indica-dominant cannabis variety, Do-si-dos is famous for giving users a good time. The limonene and linalool terpenes ease the mind and relax you. You don’t feel nervous or stressed; you are just in the moment, enjoying your and your partner’s body.

You are more focused and present at the moment. Do-si-dos also leads to increased energy, resulting in long-lasting foreplay and longer sex sessions.

3. Northern Lights

If you or your partner have never tried cannabis, we recommend starting with the Northern Lights. The THC levels are low at 15-20%, which is not overwhelming.

A world-famous bud, Northern Lights helps ease your anxiety and stress. Many people overthink and worry about not being able to please their partners. Your mind gets in the way of your happiness and physical satisfaction.

With this strain, you let go of all inhibitions and fears. Your body and mind are at peace, which helps you focus on your carnal desires.

4. Sour Diesel

A true Sativa with limonene and caryophyllene terpenes, Sour Diesel offers a good-time guarantee. This cultivar is potent, with high concentrations of THC.

Sour Diesel strain is highly recommended for heightened pleasures – be it a masturbation session after a long week or a spicy date night.

It is energising, uplifting, and euphoric. Users enjoy a full-body high that encourages sex and lowers their guard to fulfil all their fantasies. You will feel intense arousal that may put foreplay on pause and get right into the thick of it. After you have tried Sour Diesel, your sex experience will have reached a new high.

5. Blue Dream

It is hard to talk about the best cannabis strains for sex and not mention Blue Dream – a Sativa-dominant hybrid. This cultivar provides a body and mental high that can enhance your libido and open your eyes to delightful physical pleasures.

The dreamy effects of Blue Dream start with increased focus and energy. This soon transforms into a full-body calmness where every touch sensation is amplified. Your sexual enjoyment exceeds your expectations with every moment.

6. Gummy Bear

A hybrid strain known for its tingly sensations, Gummy Bear is a must-try for all cannabis lovers who enjoy sex on weed. It balances the body and cerebral high. You feel relaxed, uplifted, and calm.

It is an easygoing strain that does not get you too intoxicated and throws you off your game. Rich in limonene & caryophyllene, Gummy Bear is a good-vibe bud you and your companion will appreciate.

7. Charlotte’s Angel CBD

A good way to change things is by giving CBD flowers a try. Charlotte’s Angel CBD is rich in cannabidiol and has less than 3% THC.

The strain will not get you high, but it will certainly alleviate your anxiety & stress. You feel positive, uplifting, and happy. It can improve your mood and enable you to concentrate on pleasures and nothing else. This strain is well-recommended if you do not like getting too high during sex.

Indica v Sativa: Which is good for sex?

Indica types bring relaxation, creating a sensual atmosphere that eases stress and boosts closeness. Yet, their calming nature could lead to tiredness, so dosing needs careful attention.

Conversely, Sativa strains offer energy and better moods, amplifying sensuality and creative communication. Still, be careful of the potential restlessness or anxiety that some people might encounter with Sativas. Hybrid strains merging indica and sativa traits provide a middle ground, customising the experience to personal liking.

You may also look for strains with mood-enhancing terpenes. For instance, caryophyllene, limonene, and linalool are good for improving mood, easing anxiety, and feeling relaxed. These qualities can lead to a better sexual experience by removing stress.

If any of the recommended weed strains for sex in this do not enrich your pleasures, try other flowers.

How does marijuana help with sex?

A chart showing four ways in which cannabis can improve sex life and sexual experiences.
How marijuana can help your sex life.

Anecdotal evidence points to the fact that weed can improve sexual satisfaction in the following ways:

  • Increase the sensitivity of your skin’s nerve receptors, leading to enhanced physical sensations.
  • Increase the blood flow in your body.
  • Improve your sexual pleasure & sexual desire.
  • Ease your stress and anxiety.
  • Enable better orgasms.
  • Enhanced taste and touch sensations.
  • Enhanced pleasure during masturbation.
  • Longer foreplay.

It is important to note that these effects on sex life and libido are obtained from questionnaire-based human studies. Actual clinical trials are needed to better understand the effect of cannabis on sexual function.

Are there any side effects of using cannabis for sex life?

In the context of sex, the potential side effects of weed are:

  • Erectile dysfunction caused by chronic use in males.
  • Difficulty achieving orgasms for men.
  • Premature ejaculation.
  • Lower sperm count among men.
  • Vagina dryness in ladies, similar to cottonmouth/dry mouth.

Weed can also lead to many side effects in heavy, chronic users. You will find a full list of long-term effects here.

You should also be mindful of mixing medicines with cannabis. Drugs like sildenafil, brand name Viagra, may not be metabolised fully by your liver when cannabis is in your system. This may increase the risk of heart problems.

How to have better sex with marijuana: 5 tips for enhanced sexual satisfaction

Good sex means different things to different people. Similarly, cannabis affects each person differently. To that end, below is our advice on how to up your sexual game and get your freak on with the plant.

1. Communicate

Good communication can make all the difference between good sex and bad experience. Talk to your partner before you get high. Discuss consent and lay down the boundaries, as THC levels can impair judgement.

2. Fly solo if you are new to weed

Spoiling yourself with self-love may be a good idea if you have never tried cannabis for sexual pleasure. You will get used to the effects of weed and see how your body and mind respond to the sensations. This also means no surprises or unexpected side effects when you are in bed with your partner.

3. Dosage is important

Too much weed can get in your way and prevent you from having a sexy time. As we always say, start low, go slow. Find that sweet spot where you are one with your body rather than having your mind distract you.

4. Explore different products

Like healthy exploration is often encouraged for a better sex life, exploring different weed products is also suggested for a better experience. Try other flowers with varying terpene profiles and THC concentrations.

You may also try edibles and gummies – these take time to kick in but can lead to longer experiences. Massage your partner with cannabis massage oils during foreplay for increased pleasure.

You will also find cannabis-based sex products like weed lubes designed to improve your sex sessions.

5. Keep water and lube nearby

Weed is dehydrating. Dry mouth and vaginal dryness can get in the way of your sexy time. Be sure to have some fluids and lube close to you.


Marijuana has been shown to improve sex life and heighten sexual pleasures. It makes people less stressed and calm, allowing them to enjoy the moment. There are several cannabis strains you can try for sex; varieties rich in terpenes like limonene and linalool are a good starting point. Be sure to buy your buds from reputed stores. It is also a good idea to talk to your partner before taking weed to ensure everyone is on the same page.

For a rewarding sexual journey, do not be afraid to experiment with different marijuana items.