White Russian

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Quick info

Distinctive terpenes
Limonene, myrcene, caryophyllene
Helps with
Pain, stress, loss of appetite, fatigue
Ease of growing
When to use






Very High
Sativa Indica

Effects & Usage



The White Russian strain, a balanced hybrid with equal Sativa and Indica properties, boasts a THC content ranging from 19% to a staggering 25%.

A cross of famous strains – White Widow and AK-47 – this flower delivers a mix of cerebral and physical highs. This genetic blend has catapulted White Russian to fame, making it a go-to choice for those seeking a robust and well-rounded experience. Its potency has been consistently appreciated for these effects, as evidenced by its award-winning status at the 1996 High Times Cannabis Cup.


Users typically describe the onset of White Russian’s effects as quick and impactful, leading to a significant euphoric lift that progresses into sustained mental and physical ease. This makes it a versatile strain that can be enjoyed at different times of the day.

It is particularly noted for providing a powerful and introspective head high. As such, you may use it for introspection, problem-solving, and artistic endeavours.


It can help manage depression and anxiety and improve focus in people with attention deficit disorders. It can also ease headaches, and nausea, and restore appetite.

Side effects

The side effects reported by users of White Russian are consistent with those typically associated with cannabis use, including dry mouth and eyes.

Some may experience dizziness or mild anxiety, especially with higher doses. As such, new users and those sensitive to THC are advised to consume this strain with caution.

Taste & Smell


White Russian is distinguished by its pungent odor, intermingling sweet and sour notes with hints of berry and citrus. Its flavor is a complex blend of earthy sweetness, including nuances of nuttiness and rose, leaving a lasting impression.

The buds are light green with a dense covering of sparkling white trichomes, often reflecting its high potency.



White Russian is the result of a sophisticated breeding program that combines the genetics of two of the most respected strains in the cannabis world: White Widow and AK-47.

Growing conditions

White Russian is a strain that’s accommodating for growers with varying levels of experience, offering a moderate growing difficulty. It is characterised by a flowering period that ranges from 56 to 63 days, typically producing dense buds with a high trichome count that indicates its potency. Indoor growers can expect a yield of about 350 to 500 grams per square meter.