Black Cherry Soda

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Distinctive terpenes
Not specified
Helps with
Stress, anxiety, fatigue
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Very High
Sativa Indica

Effects & Usage



Black Cherry Soda is a strain that sparkles with a unique vivacity, much like its namesake beverage. This Sativa-dominant variety boasts an impressive 80% Sativa lineage and offers an incredible 18-27% THC range that promises a vibrant yet well-balanced experience.

In some phenotypes, the THC potency has gone as high as 29%, making this a bud not for the faint-hearted.


The onset of Black Cherry Soda’s effects is akin to the first sip of a cold drink on a hot day – immediate and profoundly satisfying. Users report a quick ascent into a state of cerebral bliss and euphoria that elevates their mood and fuels their bodies to get through the day’s tasks.

It is particularly favoured by creative souls who seek inspiration and a flow of new ideas and those looking to enhance social interactions with its mood-lifting properties.

This is followed by a gradual wave of relaxation that doesn’t dampen the spirit but keeps you buoyant with a sense of elation. It is a popular choice in the early evening when relaxation is needed.

A soothing physical high marks the comedown – which follows the cerebral experience only a few hours later.


Black Cherry Soda’s combination of uplifting and relaxing effects makes it a versatile strain for various activities.

Medically, this strain may offer relief for patients dealing with stress, depression, and anxiety, providing a natural way to elevate the mood and foster a positive outlook. Its soothing effects on the body also make it suitable for those seeking to alleviate minor pains and aches.

Side effects

As delightful as Black Cherry Soda can be, it’s crucial to approach it with moderation. Common side effects include dry mouth and eyes, so staying hydrated is essential. While it typically doesn’t lead to heavy sedation, overconsumption could result in a more intense body high than anticipated, potentially leading to slight disorientation or dizziness in some people.

Taste & Smell


Black Cherry Soda’s aesthetic appeal is undeniable, with harvest-ready buds displaying dark hues of purple, reminiscent of the soda it’s named after. The buds are dense, covered with frosty trichomes, and bursting with a scent that marries the sweetness of fruit with the tang of soda and a slight lavender note.

Its flavour is enchanting, often described as a mix of berry and cherry with a refreshing herbal undertone. You may also want to try out Blue Dream or Sour Tangie for a similar, unique experience.  



Black Cherry Soda’s genetics are a mystery, and its parents are unknown. We do know that this one is a strong Sativa-dominant hybrid with some Indica genetics.

Growing conditions

Details on growing Black Cherry Soda are not extensively documented. Still, based on its Sativa-dominant nature, it likely thrives in warm environments that allow its height and structure to fully develop.

Growers should prepare for a vibrant display as this strain matures, with its signature dark purple foliage coming to the fore.