Galactic Jack

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Quick info

Distinctive terpenes
Myrcene, pinene, limonene
Helps with
Depression, fatigue, ADHD, pain
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Sativa Indica

Effects & Usage



Galactic Jack is a radiant sativa-dominant strain created from the widely popular Jack Herer and Space Queen. This mighty hybrid has a THC content often clocking in around the mid-20s, ensuring its potent effects. It promises a uniquely energising experience, with a sense of euphoria soaring high, helping you power through even the most challenging tasks.


With Galactic Jack, the onset is like a rocket launch, almost immediate and intensely exhilarating. It sends a surge of euphoric energy through the mind, clearing your head of Earthly worries and transporting you into another galaxy. You will feel highly inspired and creative, ready to tackle all challenges with a laser-sharp focus and concentration.

High enough doses may even feel slightly psychedelic, distorting your sense of time and space. This cerebral invigoration is not a fleeting comet; instead, it orbits for a few hours, lending itself as a fantastic companion during brainstorming sessions, ticking off the items on your to-do list or even for a simple exploration of the beautiful scenery outdoors.

Given its energising properties, Galactic Jack shines the brightest when used during the day, making mornings and afternoons its ideal time of consumption. It is also an excellent wake-and-bake strain, giving you more energy than the biggest mug of coffee.

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With its cosmic versatility, Galactic Jack can offer solace to those grappling with various conditions. With the help of anti-inflammatory CBG at 1% concentration, it can be a potent painkiller assisting those with chronic pains, persistent headaches and arthritis.

Its mood-elevating attributes can also help fight the symptoms of depression and anxiety. Patients struggling with fatigue will also appreciate the strain’s ability to energise them, and those struggling with ADHD will likely benefit from the increased sense of focus.

Side effects

The most commonly reported after-effects of Galactic Jack’s journey include dry mouth, dry eyes, and headaches. Given its potency, Galactic Jack warrants careful consumption. Some users may experience paranoia and anxiety, especially those sensitive to THC and mental health conditions. Therefore, new explorers should start their journey with small doses and gradually increase if necessary.

Its energetic properties might keep you up if you smoke too late, making the strain more suited for daytime use.

Taste & Smell


Galactic Jack’s terpene profile accurately reflects the refreshing, invigorating symphony the strain plays on your nose. It showcases a blend of zesty citrus notes of limonene intertwined with the earthy sweetness of myrcene and pine undertones, courtesy of pinene. There is also a bit of skunk, adding to the aroma’s complexity. Upon tasting, you will first notice its tangy lemon and grapefruit accents. These slowly give way to a sweet and slightly spicy resonance, countering the citrus.

As per appearance, Galactic Jack displays a typical sativa structure. Its large, chunky buds are covered in frosted trichomes, signifying the flower’s potency.



Galactic Jack owes its cosmic origins to the union of Jack Herer and Space Queen. This Subcool’s The Dank wonder captures the spirit of its sativa-dominant parent and the balanced harmony of its hybrid ancestor, giving it a unique profile. Much like the awe-inspiring beauty of galaxies, Galactic Jack has quickly gained popularity, captivating users worldwide with its potency and special character.

Growing conditions

Growing Galactic Jack requires some skill, so it is best left to experienced growers. Remember that it thrives in a warm, semi-humid environment, making indoor cultivation using a grow tent an effective method. Outdoors, a Mediterranean-like climate is ideal. The strain can be slightly fussy regarding temperature and humidity changes, so monitor them closely.

The plant flowers between 8-10 weeks, reaching a tall stature requiring pruning and trimming of the top. The yields are relatively modest, between 225 and 275 grams per square metre and around 300 grams per plant.