Jet Fuel

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Distinctive terpenes
Limonene, caryophyllene, myrcene
Helps with
Fatigue, headaches, depression
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Sativa Indica

Effects & Usage



Like a commercial jetliner’s exhilarating takeoff, the Jet Fuel strain, also known as G6, catapults its users into a cerebral stratosphere of energy and clarity. With a lineage featuring Aspen OG and High Country Diesel, Jet Fuel combines the best of both worlds, leaving you fuelled up yet at peace and ease. This sativa-dominant hybrid offers a moderately potent THC content of around 20%.


The onset of Jet Fuel effects is like a slow crescendo. It starts with a gentle upliftment of the spirit, followed by a wave of cerebral clarity. The mind takes flight, soaring above everyday worries, making your creative, productive juices flow.

As the journey continues, the tranquillity sneaks in, grounding the spirit with a sense of calm without dimming your previously ignited senses. It will not make your body heavy, but your soul will experience profound inner peace. Few strains can match this incredible combination of invigoration and soothing, which is probably why Jet Fuel is a popular wake-and-bake medicine. Once its effects wear off, it will not give you the crash that espresso does, so you can continue your day on an uplifted note.

For a similar high with the same unmistakable pungent taste, try Sour Diesel. If you want more balance between the cerebral and bodily effects, check out Chemdog, or browse other marijuana flowers to find your pick.


With a high caryophyllene and CBG (1%) content, this cultivar can be a beneficial remedy in the fight against pain. It has been reported to work exceptionally well against tension headaches, tuning out negative emotions and promoting a sense of peace whilst boosting cognitive function.

With the help of uplifting and invigorating limonene, it offers an energising kick that may be especially useful for patients dealing with chronic fatigue. Moreover, Jet Fuel may also assist in managing stress and mood disorders, promoting a sense of optimism and happiness.

Side effects

Jet Fuel’s ability to energise the mind and trigger a cascade of thoughts may be a bit overwhelming for those prone to anxiety and paranoia. Gentle dizziness, as well as the sensations of dry eyes and mouth, can also occur. Remember to keep your consumption moderate to enjoy the effects of the strain, and start with a few tokes.

Taste & Smell


Featuring a pungent gassy scent mellowed by underlying pine notes, the intriguing olfactory profile is a tribute to the strain’s Diesel lineage. The taste profile continues this narrative, blending sharp diesel with softer tones of sweet pine and earthiness, creating a complex, refreshing palate. In a time when numerous strains boast delightful flavours, Jet Fuel may not be the most exciting, but its spectacular high more than makes up for it.

In terms of appearance, Jet Fuel showcases slightly dark green buds with a fluffy texture adorned by prominent reddish pistils.



Jet Fuel’s intriguing name is a fair reflection of its gassy flavour and stimulating effects. The Denver-based 303 Seeds created this powerful energiser as a cross between their soothing Aspen OG and the potent High Country Diesel. The end effect is a fast-paced, cerebral high, ideal for those looking to brighten their day up and fill it with energy.

Growing conditions

The strain can present a slight challenge for inexperienced growers due to the need for diligent temperature and humidity control. Therefore, cultivating it indoors might be more manageable.

However, you will need plenty of space, as it can reach almost 2 metres indoors and up to a staggering 3 metres outdoors. Removing the top broad fan leaves is also necessary to allow proper air circulation and light to reach the lower laying branches of the plant. Lastly, you will need to be aware of the smell the plant emits during growing- it might be hard to hide.

You can expect the buds to appear in 9-10 weeks, yielding around 350 grams per square metre and 350-400 grams per plant outdoors.