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Quick info

Distinctive terpenes
Limonene, caryophyllene, myrcene
Helps with
Stress, fatigue, inflammation
Ease of growing
When to use






Very High
Sativa Indica

Effects & Usage



Pagoda, a powerful Sativa with a considerable 16-22% THC content, is lauded for its cerebral stimulation and energetic buzz.

Its genetic cocktail features lesser-known varieties: Apollo 11’s sharp, focused Sativa effects and Appalachia’s mellowing embrace.


The experience with Pagoda begins swiftly, with users reporting an immediate uplifting effect that elevates the mood and energizes the mind. This is followed by a sense of creative urgency, making it an excellent choice for brainstorming sessions or embarking on new projects.

It’s particularly cherished by those who seek a creative muse or a social spark. The strain’s influence on mental processes is profound, offering clarity prized for artistic pursuits and analytical tasks.

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Thanks to its robust genetics, Pagoda shines in its therapeutic applications, making it a favoured choice for patients and users aiming to combat mental and physical ailments. It is particularly effective for those with attention deficit disorders, providing a focusing effect that can aid in maintaining concentration on tasks.

Side effects

While Pagoda is celebrated for its uplifting effects, it’s not without its potential drawbacks. Overuse can lead to some common side effects like dry mouth and eyes, and due to its strong cerebral activation, it may not be the best choice for those with a low THC tolerance or those prone to paranoia.

Taste & Smell


Pagoda’s aesthetic appeal is undeniable, with large, well-formed flowers that showcase a kaleidoscope of dark greens, browns, and sometimes even blues and purples.

The aroma is an intricate tapestry of bright citrus and funky chemical notes, while the flavour is a mouthwatering blend of fruity and tart accents reminiscent of pineapple.



Pagoda is the progeny of a high-flying lineage conceived by Bodhi Seeds, a cultivator renowned for crafting unique hybrids. This particular strain is a cross between a ‘Genius’ phenotype of Apollo 11, itself a powerhouse of uplifting energy, and Appalachia, known for its grounding woodsy essence.

Growing conditions

Pagoda is a grower’s delight, showing resilience to mould and a tendency to flourish in hot and humid climates. It does require some attention, particularly due to its propensity for vertical growth, which may require trimming to keep it manageable indoors. The strain flowers within 8 to 10 weeks and can produce stunning purple buds with the right temperature conditions.