Fruit Punch

The information presented on this page is intended solely for descriptive purposes and should not be considered a review or medical advice. The actual effects of the cannabis strain may vary. It is important to use marijuana responsibly. We recommend that you consult a healthcare professional before adding cannabis to your health regimen.

Quick info

Distinctive terpenes
Myrcene, caryophyllene, limonene
Helps with
Stress, ADHD, migraines, anxiety
Ease of growing
When to use
Daytime/early evening






Very High
Sativa Indica

Effects & Usage



Fruit Punch is widely praised for its well-balanced effects catering to recreational and medical users. Featuring Sativa-leaning genetics with THC levels around 17-22%, this bud is the holy combination of big hits like Skunk, Haze, and Northern Lights.

As a result, it stands out in the cannabis community for its swift onset and complex flavour profile.


A quick-hitting strain, Fruit Punch’s effects are noticeable upon the first exhale. Users report an uplift in mood and energy, which is to be expected of a Sativa cultivar.

It offers a potent cerebral high that sparks creativity and invigorates the mind, making it a favourite among artists and thinkers. Its ability to induce euphoria and an energised state makes it particularly effective when it is still bright outside. You may use it to overcome fatigue and complete the day’s tasks.


For medical cannabis patients, Fruit Punch can help manage ADHD by honing focus and concentration. The strain’s uplifting properties also offer a reprieve for those suffering from migraines and anxiety.

Side effects

The common side effects include dry mouth and eyes, with some reporting feelings of paranoia or anxiety when taken in higher doses.

Taste & Smell


The Fruit Punch strain beckons with a seductive aroma similar to a lush fruit orchard bursting with berries and tropical scents. Upon smoking, the taste buds revel in a symphony of sweet and tangy flavours – with a hint of pine freshness.

In terms of appearance, it is a visually vibrant strain with green buds, orange hairs, and sparkling trichomes.



The Fruit Punch strain is the brainchild of Heavyweight Seeds, a name synonymous with flavour-forward cannabis varieties. This strain is a blend of three iconic parents: the earthy and potent Skunk, the enigmatic and dreamy Haze, and the legendary Northern Lights, known for its profound relaxation effects.

Growing Conditions

Fruit Punch is a grower’s delight due to its straightforward cultivation requirements, making it an excellent choice for both neophytes and seasoned cultivators. This strain thrives in a range of environments, displaying resilience to common growing challenges.

It reaches maturity relatively quickly, with a flowering time of around 56 days, and is adaptable to both indoor and outdoor setups. Indoors, it demands a standard regimen of light and nutrients, while outdoor cultivators will find it fares best in a semi-humid, Mediterranean climate.