Moby Dick

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Distinctive terpenes
Terpinolene, myrcene, ocimene
Helps with
Stress, fatigue, depression
Ease of growing
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Very High
Sativa Indica

Effects & Usage



Moby Dick, as the name implies, is a colossal force in the cannabis world. This sativa-dominant hybrid has a THC content of up to 27%. It delivers a burst of energy and cerebral stimulation with a soothing touch of relaxation akin to a peaceful day at sea. This magnificent strain hails from an esteemed lineage, too, coming from the union of two classics: White Widow and Haze.


With an onset that hits you like bricks, no wonder this strain is named after a mythical whale. Even seasoned smokers will feel its powerful effects just after a couple of puffs. Moby Dick is famous for inducing positivity almost like no other – and will leave you with a big, fat smile. This potent, cerebral euphoria will give you incredible self-belief and confidence that can help you tackle even the most demanding tasks – if your head stays clear enough. Some users describe the experience as so intense that it almost feels psychedelic.

These head effects start slowly diminishing midway through your high, making space for a gentle wave of relaxation washing over your mind and body. Expect to feel profoundly content and at peace with yourself and the world.

Moby Dick will be a great daytime strain, facilitating both creative energy for work and happy, peaceful good vibes for a chill meeting with your friends or a lazy Sunday afternoon.

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Moby Dick can offer many benefits to those interested in its medicinal value. Firstly, it can be an effective remedy for stress and anxiety and a powerful, uplifting agent that is helpful in mood disorders. It can also combat fatigue associated with mental and physical distress. Furthermore, thanks to its high CBG (1%), caryophyllene and ocimene content, the strain shows great pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory benefits, helpful in arthritis, muscle spasms or migraines.

Side effects

The most common side effects associated with Moby Dick are the sensations of dry mouth and dry eyes. Nevertheless, caution is advised when consuming this strain due to its potency. In sensitive users, it has been reported to induce paranoia, slight dizziness, and anxiety. Therefore, always start with small doses and gradually increase them to find the optimal amount for you.

Taste & Smell


Moby Dick’s buds are dense and thick, generously coated with shiny trichome crystals, giving the plant a frosty appearance of just-fallen snow on a forest tree. The strain’s distinct aroma quickly fills any room it finds itself in. It boasts recognisable notes from both parents: the citrus Haze with a hint of spice and earthy, vanilla White Widow aromas. These delicious tones are reflected in the strain’s flavour profile, making for a very pleasant, smooth smoke. The sour citrus notes are very prominent on the inhale, turning into a sweet, creamy vanilla flavour with a woody hint on the exhale.



Moby Dick was masterfully crafted by Dinafem Seeds from Amsterdam, who combined the iconic White Widow and Haze strains to create this larger-than-life hybrid.

Its esteemed lineage and potency have quickly established Moby Dick as a global sensation, capturing the hearts of cannabis enthusiasts worldwide. The name “Moby Dick” was inspired by the legendary white whale from Herman Melville’s novel, a fitting tribute to the strain’s mythical status and formidable effects.

Growing conditions

Cultivating Moby Dick should not be too difficult, as long as you are willing to give the plant some dedication and care. Due to their tall sativa stature, the plants are best grown outdoors, where they will have the space to branch out. However, the plant can successfully thrive indoors, too – as long as sunny, warm conditions are provided. Regardless of the setting, you will likely need to prune and trim this tall plant to help the branches sustain the weight of the heavy plants.

Expect Moby Dick to flower within 9 to 10 weeks, with an astonishing reward – a harvest of around 650 grams per square metre indoors and up to 1500 grams per plant outdoors.