Godfather OG

The information presented on this page is intended solely for descriptive purposes and should not be considered a review or medical advice. The actual effects of the cannabis strain may vary. It is important to use marijuana responsibly. We recommend that you consult a healthcare professional before adding cannabis to your health regimen.

Quick info

Distinctive terpenes
Myrcene, limonene, caryophyllene/pinene
Helps with
Insomnia, stress, pain
Ease of growing
When to use






Very High
Sativa Indica

Effects & Usage



Godfather OG, also known as “Godfather,” “OG Godfather”, and “The Don of All OG’s,” is an indica-dominant hybrid that commands respect in the cannabis world. With a whopping THC content of up to 34%, it is sure to knock you off your feet and induce a state of profound relaxation, unlike anything you have experienced before. The strain’s honourable parentage included two descendants of the famed OG Kush.


As is the case with most hybrids, the sativa effects manifest themselves first. Moments after toking, you will feel a warm, enveloping sensation where you feel serene. Soon after that, a potent cerebral rush of euphoria follows. This mood enhancer induces a sense of serenity and contentment, allowing you to appreciate life’s simple pleasures.

Whilst the hybrid is only slightly indica-dominant, the indica traits quickly manifest themselves, cascading the user into a complete body relaxation. This couch lock will last for 2 hours or even longer and leave your body so relaxed that you will be unable to move. Towards the end of your trip, you will likely get very sleepy. Godfather OG can therefore promote a night of deep, restful sleep if smoked before bed.

This all may sound overwhelming for novice smokers, who should look for another bud to start their cannabis adventure with. However, medical and experienced users will love the relaxation so profound that it wipes out any pain and stress.

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Recreational users love Godfather OG for its potency – which is also the exact reason why it can be so medically beneficial. The high THC content and anti-inflammatory caryophyllene can offer tremendous pain relief for chronic pain, arthritis or migraine sufferers. In addition, the uplifting and deeply relaxing effects will help manage symptoms of depression and anxiety, literally dissolving them for a while.

Due to its sedative properties, bolstered by myrcene, it can also aid insomnia.

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Side effects

Most side effects of The Don are mild and include dry eyes, dry mouth and mild dizziness. However, it is essential to remember that flowers with a high THC content can contribute to feelings of paranoia and anxiety, especially among sensitive users. So take it easy and start slowly with a puff of two, gradually building up your tolerance.

Taste & Smell


Many will find the Godfather OG an absolute delight to the senses. It boasts a beautiful appearance with densely packed, medium-sized nugs covered in sticky, glistening trichomes. These are coloured in a mixture of deep green and purple hues, interlaced with orange and purple-toned pistils, making for quite an unusual sight.

On the nose, it is like typical dank marijuana – earthy and piney, like a fresh morning forest, with slight grape notes. The flavour follows suit, with the sweet grape taste taking centre stage, pleasantly lingering in the mouth after you are done with your smooth smoke.



Godfather OG is an Indica-dominant hybrid, boasting a prestigious lineage that includes the strains of XXX OG and Alpha OG (both offspring of OG Kush). This potent combination has given rise to a strain revered for its soothing and relaxing effects. It got the recognition it deserved when it won the Best Indica award at the 2013 High Times Cannabis Cup.

Growing conditions

There isn’t much reliable info on growing Godfather OG out there. Most of what we know are assumptions based on the strain’s genetics. However, based on these guidelines, cultivating your own Godfather should be easy. The plant does not require much maintenance and reaches only a medium height, making it suitable for limited spaces.

Within 8 to 9 weeks, growers can expect quite decent yields of 350-450 grams per square metre indoors and over 450 grams per outdoor plant.

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