Bubble Gum

Consuming marijuana can be addictive and responsible use is strongly encouraged. The content on this page is for information purposes only and does not comprise medicinal advice. If you are looking to supplement your health routine with cannabis, consult a doctor.

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Distinctive terpenes
Myrcene, limonene, caryophyllene
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Pain, stress, depression
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Sativa Indica

Effects & Usage



Bubble Gum, also known as Bubba Gum, is a famous indica-dominant hybrid cannabis strain with a sweet and fruity taste resembling its name. This strain provides an average THC level of approximately 16% and induces a calming, full-body buzz, lifting the mood. It also contains a significant quantity of 1% CBG in addition to THC.

Although the strain’s heritage is somewhat unclear, we know that Indiana Bubblegum is one of its parents.


The sensations on this strain are like chewing bubble gum – sweet, relaxing and carefree. First, you will experience a subtle euphoric sensation that makes you feel weightless, cheerful and very sociable. Then, that gentle euphoria is followed by a soothing, worry-free couchlock that will leave you unable to move much for the next two to three hours. Bubble Gum is most enjoyed when consumed with your friends – a night of laughter, giggling and munching on fast-food snacks is guaranteed. Also, when you need relaxation after a stressful long day, Bubba Gum can put all your worries to sleep and make you truly appreciate the moment and be present.

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Bubble Gum has various medical applications due to its well-balanced effects. Its uplifting properties, facilitated by limonene, make it suitable for treating anxiety and stress. The strain’s ability to elevate mood can also help manage symptoms of depression. Additionally, patients struggling with chronic pain, arthritis, and migraines may benefit from Bubble Gum’s analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects.

As high-THC flowers can contribute to feelings of stress and paranoia, remember to consume cannabis responsibly and start slowly.

Side effects

You can expect the common mild side effects such as dry mouth and eyes and generally feeling dehydrated. Some more sensitive users have also reported dizziness.

The couchlock feeling from this strain can be quite potent, especially for unseasoned smokers.

For this reason, keep your Bubble Gum consumption to these lazy nights when you do not have much to do.

Taste & Smell


Bubble Gum delights the senses with its unique flavour, aroma and appearance. The dense, bright green leaves are coated in a sticky layer of trichomes and blended with shades of purple and numerous orange hairs.

Its delicious scent is sweet and fruity, like a pack of fresh chewing gum, with hints of earthiness and a floral bouquet. The bud’s flavour is similar, with berry, flowery and candy notes mixed together, leaving behind a sweetness reminiscent of its namesake. In addition, the smoke is quite smooth on the throat, contributing to an overall pleasant experience. You can also check out our master list of marijuana flowers for other similar varieties.



Bubble Gum originated in Indiana and got perfected by TH seeds in Amsterdam in 1993 by a mysterious cross of Indiana Bubblegum. As such, we don’t have detailed information about the strain’s genetics, with one of its parent strains remaining unknown.

Regardless of the strain’s origins, it indeed became appreciated worldwide quickly. It won two awards at Cannabis Cup in 1994, shortly after its release, and a few other trophies in the following years.

Growing conditions

Cultivating Bubble Gum should pose no challenge for experienced growers, but you need to keep a few things in mind. First, as it is sensitive to mould and rot, it must be kept in a dry environment. For that reason, it is easier to raise Bubble Gum inside, but if you can shelter your plants from the rain properly, you may also attempt to grow it outdoors.

The crops grow to a moderate height of about 1.2 to 1.6 metres. You can expect a decent yield of around 350-450 grams per square metre indoors and up to 400 grams per plant outdoors.