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Distinctive terpenes
Myrcene, pinene, limonene
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Depression, fatigue, stress
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Sativa Indica

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Freakshow is no ordinary strain- this sativa-dominant beauty is famous for its extraordinary, fern-like leaves. From the mastermind of Shapeshifter, this Cannabis Lupus Monstra strain combines four cultivars, including Skunk #1 and the Big Bud. With a THC level of 15-20%, it is a great daytime smoke to facilitate happy vibes, creativity and productivity.


Freakshow’s captivating effects manifest rapidly, delivering a stimulating and euphoric buzz that awakens your senses. It heightens the awareness of the world around you and energises your mind, facilitating focus and creativity in anything you do. The strain provides an excellent social and daytime high, leaving you functional and motivated. It offers a gentle yet uplifting boost, supporting you in carrying out your everyday tasks. With its moderate THC content, it won’t overwhelm you, so make friends with Freakshow whenever you need some inspiration to tackle demanding jobs, yet another session of deep cleaning, or whenever you want to enjoy laughter-filled moments with friends.

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Although Freakshow was initially developed for recreational users, medical marijuana patients may also find some therapeutic benefits in its use. Thanks to the uplifting and energising limonene, the strain shows excellent mood- and energy-boosting properties, which can help people struggling with depression, anxiety, and chronic fatigue. It can also help improve focus and productivity for people with ADHD. In addition, it can ease stress and anxiety.

Side effects

Freakshow is a relatively gentle and well-tolerated strain, with the most common side effects being cottonmouth and dry eyes. However, remember that high-THC flowers may contribute to feelings of overwhelm, anxiety and paranoia in users prone to mental health conditions or those sensitive to THC. To minimise the risk of these adverse effects, begin with a single puff and gradually increase the dosage if necessary.

Taste & Smell


Freakshow showcases massive, fat nuggets courtesy of the Big Bud lineage. The pistils are particularly dense and prominent on these buds, making them appear almost orange. Definitely, the most unusual thing about its appearance is the atypical, beautiful, long fern-like leaves. These may easily make you forget you are looking at a cannabis plant.

When it comes to the smell, it emits a pungent, refreshing aroma of citrus and thyme with a sweet, earthy base. On the palate, Freakshow treats you to a combination of fruity citrus and banana notes mixed with a woody earthiness. As you exhale, you will also notice a distinct diesel note.

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When you encounter a strain crafted by Shapeshifter, you know you can expect a remarkable product. This time, it is no different – the successful, esteemed breeder paired up with Humboldt Seed Company to release a uniquely looking, freaky strain affectionately dubbed Cannabis Lusus Monstra (‘Deformed Cannabis Monster’). The lineage of Freakshow can be traced back to some classics: Big Bud and Skunk #1, as well as Big Sur Holy and Banana Kush.

Growing conditions

Freakshow is a strain that is easy to cultivate and does not require much maintenance. However, it will need some pruning as it grows thick and wild. It can thrive equally well in both indoor and outdoor environments. Additionally, if privacy is a concern, this strain may be an ideal choice due to its fern-like leaves that bear no resemblance to marijuana at all.

The plant yields best if photoperiod growing is employed – meaning consistent 12-hour periods of daylight and night. Freakshow will usually flower within 9 weeks, generating around 400-500 grams per plant outdoors and 200-400 grams per square metre indoors.