Super Glue

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Quick info

Distinctive terpenes
Myrcene, caryophyllene, pinene, limonene
Helps with
Stress, pain, anxiety, fatigue
Ease of growing
When to use






Very High
Sativa Indica

Effects & Usage



Super Glue secures its position in the cannabis market through its impressive lineage, combining the formidable Northern Lights with an Afghani landrace to create a strain that’s both invigorating and robust. With THC levels that can reach the stratospheric highs of 28% but averaging at 18-24%, this Indica-leaning hybrid strain is a testament to potency and quality.


While the name suggests a strong couchlock effect, Super Glue is far from that.

The onset of Super Glue’s effects is as immediate as it is profound, delivering a cerebral rush that quickly uplifts the mood. It’s perfect for those wake-and-bake moments when you seek a swift transition from slumber to energy. The clarity and introspection it offers can be a boon for deep thinkers or those engaging in artistic pursuits.

Known for its energising effects, it leaves consumers feeling focused, tingly, and euphorically uplifted. It is an excellent daytime strain that can fuel creative projects or enhance the enjoyment of daily activities.

The experience of Super Glue is often described as being locked into a state of relaxed alertness. It’s not uncommon for users to feel mentally stimulated and physically at ease, making it an excellent choice for mental and physical relaxation activities. For other cultivars that deliver a mix of body and cerebral high, you may want to browse our list of hybrid cannabis strains.


Super Glue shines in its versatility, offering a range of therapeutic benefits. Those grappling with the psychological strains of depression and anxiety may find solace in its euphoric embrace. Meanwhile, the physical alleviation it provides makes it a go-to for pain relief, from cramps to chronic conditions. Given its Sativa roots, this cultivar can be effective in battling fatigue, too.

Side Effects

Despite its numerous advantages, Super Glue’s potent nature means it should be cautiously approached. The high THC content can lead to dry eyes, anxious feelings, and dizziness, especially for those unaccustomed to such strengths. Starting with a low dose is always advisable to gauge individual tolerance​.

Taste & Smell


Super Glue’s olfactory signature is as striking as its visual presentation. The buds emit a skunky, sandalwood-like fragrance with a citrus twist, an invitation to the senses that is reflected in its taste. The smoke exudes a rich, earthy scent with piney freshness.

In appearance, its diamond and spade-shaped fluffy nuggets, with coiled army-green leaves and fiery-orange pistils, are covered in a fuzzy white coat of trichomes that solidify its potent reputation.



The origins of Super Glue are steeped in a rich cannabis heritage, with a genetic lineage that speaks to its strength and depth.

Its creators crossed two iconic strains, Northern Lights and Afghani, to produce a hybrid that carries the best of both worlds: the relaxing properties of an indica with the uplifting qualities of a Sativa.

Growing Information

Cultivating Super Glue requires a moderate level of experience, with the plant responding well to both indoor and outdoor environments. The strain’s indica-dominant nature results in bushy, lateral growth that needs regular topping to ensure optimal light exposure.

With a flowering time of 8-10 weeks, growers can anticipate a rewarding harvest that mirrors the quality of the strain itself​.