Black Diamond

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Quick info

Distinctive terpenes
Myrcene, pinene, caryophyllene
Helps with
Pain, stress, insomnia, lack of appetite
Ease of growing
When to use






Very High
Sativa Indica

Effects & Usage



Like the gemstone it’s named after, Black Diamond shines like a real star. This predominantly indica hybrid packs a potent punch with a THC content between 18-24%, engaging your soul and body in a very mellow, relaxed high. This marvel is also known for its fruity, lovely aroma inherited from the parent Blackberry, paired with the striking Diamond OG.


Black Diamond is a mighty, formidable strain that announces its presence quickly. You will find yourself happy and giggly, with a cheerful outlook on life and the world around you. In large enough doses, you may even feel like your mind is drifting in space as the sensory input becomes amplified, leading to visual and auditory distortions.

However, the calming indica effects are never far behind, ensuring this experience is well-balanced and enjoyable. You may want to sink into a couch or a comfy chair and enjoy the blissful, merry cloud you are levitating on.

Black Diamond is also a great aphrodisiac, which can greatly enhance a romantic evening with your partner. It will be equally enjoyable in the good company of close friends during a comedy night, ensuring hours of great fun. Make enough food beforehand to avoid ordering an extra large meal from your favourite takeaway – this flower induces potent munchies.

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The terpene and cannabinoid composition of Black Diamond packs it with calming and anaesthetic properties that can be successfully utilised for many conditions.

With a high concentration of soothing myrcene, as well as 1% of CBD and CBG, the strain is an effective stress remedy. It may relieve the symptoms of depression, anxiety and insomnia, putting your mind and body to rest and preparing you for a night of deep sleep. The cannabinoids also work in sync with caryophyllene and pinene to remove muscle pain, back pains and joint inflammation in arthritis.

Moreover, this potent appetite booster can effectively reduce nausea and stimulate a healthy food intake for people struggling with eating disorders.

Side effects

This hybrid often induces dry eyes and a strong cottonmouth feeling, so keep enough water handy. In high doses, it may also cause headaches and paranoia – especially if you are already prone to it. However, if you take it easy and slow with Black Diamond, you should be safe from these side effects.

Taste & Smell


One look at a Black Diamond bud reveals where its name came from. It displays a dusky colour palette, boasting dark green and purple hues on its long, dense, curling buds. It also shines with a thick, resinous coating of sticky trichomes – like a true jewel.

The surprising aroma of this beauty does not resemble typical marijuana – instead, it might make you think of a glass of red wine as the sweet grape and berry aroma hits your nostrils. It is also complemented by musky, woody notes with a hint of roasted nuts.

The taste follows suit, revealing a ripe berry flavour on the inhale and a hint of woody earthiness as you exhale.



Black Diamond traces its ancestry back to Northern California. It inherits the strength of its ancestors, two indica-leaning hybrids: Blackberry and Diamond OG. Blackberry, with its fruity lineage, is known for its pacifying properties and strong body effects. On the other hand, Diamond OG bestows Black Diamond with its glittering trichomes and deeply relaxing qualities – resulting in a soothing, healing remedy.

Growing conditions

Getting your hands on the original seeds of Black Diamond might be tricky, so your best bet would be to get a clipping from another cultivator. This short indica grows in a bushy manner, so trimming and topping are required to make sure that the lower-laying branches get sufficient air and light exposure. Growing it outdoors in Thailand during the winter should be possible, as it needs a semi-humid environment in the 21-27 degrees temperature range.

Within 8 to 9 weeks, you can expect Black Diamond to flower, yielding around 300 grams per square metre indoors and 300-450 grams per plant outdoors.