Black Cherry Gelato

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Pinene, linalool, myrcene
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Stress, anxiety, pain, appetite loss, spasms
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Sativa Indica

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The Black Cherry Gelato strain, a rare Indica hybrid crossing Acai with Black Cherry Funk, offers a delectable treat for both the palate and the mind. With a THC content swinging between a manageable 14% to a robust 26%, this strain caters to a broad range of enthusiasts, from the green novice to the seasoned toker.


Connoisseurs of Black Cherry Gelato report a swift onset, where a harmonious euphoria swiftly sweeps away the mental clutter, replaced by a focused tranquillity. A tingly physical sensation follows, not entirely immobilising but certainly grounding. For some, this can lead to couchlock, but it is not as overpowering as what you would expect from other Indicas – like Granddaddy Purple.

Users often describe the high as melting away stress and muscle tension without the sedative punch that sends one to bed.  It isn’t to say this strain won’t help you sleep – it will simply not be immediate.

You will have ample time to embrace the Sativa genetics of this dessert-like cultivar as well – creativity and laughter are the most commonly reported cerebral effects.

Owing to its mix of cerebral and physical effects, Black Cherry Gelato is best recommended for evening use when you have no serious work to finish.


Black Cherry Gelato offers therapeutic benefits for mental and physical health. Its calming effect eases stress and anxiety, while its euphoric properties can uplift those with depression. Physically, it helps alleviate chronic pain and muscle spasms, stimulates appetite, and aids sleep, making it beneficial for insomniacs.

Side effects

As with many high-THC strains, some individuals may experience dry mouth and eyes.

Dizziness and a heightened sense of paranoia can also occur, particularly with novices or when consumed in larger doses. On rare occasions, users have reported mild anxiety, attributed to the strain’s potency, and a sense of disorientation.

Taste & Smell


Black Cherry Gelato is an aesthetic marvel, boasting dense, grape-shaped nugs that are a tapestry of forest green and royal purple, dotted with peach-colored pistils. The trichomes lend a sugary appearance, glistening like a frosty morning. The bouquet is a complex symphony: the first notes are of ripe cherries and wild berries, leading into a full-bodied earthy musk, underscored by a skunky pungency that deepens as the buds are ignited. 

The taste mirrors the aroma, with the initial sweetness of berries and cherries followed by a subtle yet rich earthy aftertaste, complemented by hints of skunk and herbal nuances, making each inhalation a layered experience of flavor.



The lineage of Black Cherry Gelato whispers tales of clandestine horticulture, born from a cross between the lesser-known varieties – Acai and the enigmatic Black Cherry Funk. Its genealogy is sprinkled with the legendary DJ Short’s Blueberry, bestowing upon it a heritage rich in flavour and potency.

Despite its illustrious background, the origins of Black Cherry Gelato are shrouded in mystery, with the original breeders remaining as elusive as the strain’s own seeds. This enigmatic provenance only adds to the allure of Black Cherry Gelato, making it a sought-after variety for those fortunate enough to encounter its rare bloom.

Growing conditions

Those fortunate enough to cultivate Black Cherry Gelato will likely find a plant that flourishes both indoors and outdoors – much in line with what one can expect from growing an Indica. However, given the rarity of the strain itself and its seeds, there is not much information available when it comes to growing it.