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Reviews of the best weed seeds shops in Thailand 2024

Order the finest cannabis seeds of your favourite strains and types from the leading seed banks in the country. Fast shipping, discreet packaging, excellent customer service.

Top marijuana seed stores

Herbies Seed Bank

  • One of the cheapest seed banks on the market.
  • Over 1000 seeds from 50+ breeders
  • Discreet international shipping
  • Excellent customer service
Seeds starting at 200 THB
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When shopping at Herbies, you agree to the cannabis laws of Thailand.

Fast Buds

  • Good range of autoflowering & fastflowering strains
  • Big presence in Thailand with 20+ distributors
  • Industry pioneers in auto genetics
  • Multiple award winners
Autoflowering & Feminised Seeds Starting at 800 THB
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When shopping at Fast Buds, you agree to the cannabis laws of Thailand.

What to consider when buying seeds online?

Buying seeds is different than buying buds on the internet. Seeds come in various types – with each seed bank offering something different. Here’s a quick overview of what you should keep in mind when you are out purchasing seeds:

Type of seed

Broadly speaking, you will find three types of cannabis seeds in the market:

Genetics & strain selection

The genetics of a cannabis seed can dramatically affect its growth characteristics, yield, and the effects of its final product. Indica, Sativa, and hybrid strains bring something different regarding growth patterns, flowering times, and cannabinoid profiles.

Some strains have genetics which allow them to grow quite tall – more than 2 metres while others feature traits which give them the trademark purple flowers or a strong, pungent smell. With 200+ cannabis strains out there to cultivate, there is plenty of variety for growers to enjoy.

Seed bank reputation

The reputation of the seed bank from which you buy cannabis seeds can greatly impact the success of your farming journey. A reputable seed bank ensures the quality and genetic purity of the seeds and offers peace of mind regarding customer service, shipping discretion, and post-purchase support.

Award-winning breeders vs. stockers/resellers

Some seed banks, such as Royal Queen Seeds (RQS) or Barney’s Farm, are famous for breeding their strains, often earning awards for their genetic innovation and quality. These breeders invest in developing unique strains with specific traits, such as enhanced potency, flavour profiles, or growth characteristics, offering something truly special to the cultivator.

On the other hand, there are seed banks like Herbies that operate as stockers or resellers, offering a wide array of seeds from various breeders under one roof. This can be advantageous for growers looking for variety or those seeking seeds from multiple award-winning breeders without purchasing from several sites.

Whatever you decide, make your purchase after analysing the following factors:

How did we choose the seedbanks?

In our quest to recommend the best seed banks, we focused on factors critical to your success and satisfaction. The good and the bad – we tell you everything so you can make an informed purchase.


Excellent support

Responsive support quickly fixes order issues related to delivery, germination, refunds, or payments.


Competitive prices

We compared different seed banks and their prices to help you make the best decision.



Packaging makes a big difference; the seed stores here ship their seeds discreetly in sealed packages rather than ziplock pouches for optimum viability.


High germination rates

Seed banks listed here claim a 75% or above germination rate. This means 7 out of 10 seeds in your order will sprout – otherwise you can get a refund.



Simple, detailed information about strains, different payment methods, good reviews all around – you can shop with confidence at our chosen seed shops.

International vs. local seed banks: Which one is better?

International seed shops offer a broad selection of cannabis strains from around the globe, making them an excellent source for growers seeking variety and access to the latest genetics.

However, international orders may come with higher shipping costs, longer waits, and the potential for customs and legal issues.

CriteriaInternational seed banksLocal seed banks
SelectionOffers a wider variety of strains, including the latest hybrids and rare genetics.Might have a more limited selection, focusing on strains adapted to the local environment.
ReputationEstablished global reputation for quality and reliability, supported by extensive experience.Quality and reliability can vary; newer or smaller banks may not have an established reputation.
Exclusive strainsAccess to unique or specialized strains not available locally.Less likely to offer exclusive strains, focusing instead on what works best in the local climate.
Shipping time/CostsHigher shipping costs and potentially longer delivery times.Quicker shipping at lower rates, with less risk of customs interference.
Legal and customsRisk of shipments being inspected, delayed, or seized by customs.No risk of customs issues, but local legal rules still apply.
AdaptationStrains may require adjustment to local growing conditions.Offers strains already adapted to the local climate, potentially leading to better growth performance.
Supporting localPurchases do not contribute directly to the local economy.Supports local economies and businesses.

On the other hand, local seed banks provide a selection of well-suited strains to the local environment, potentially offering better growth and yield. Supporting local businesses is another advantage, contributing to the local economy and ensuring faster, more cost-effective shipping.

The selection might be more limited, and the quality can vary depending on the bank’s experience and size. Local purchases also tend to offer more peace of mind regarding legal compliance and less concern about privacy.

Choosing between international and local seed banks boils down to your growth priorities.

International seed banks are the way to go if you’re after diversity and the excitement of trying new, possibly rare strains. For those who value quick access to seeds, lower shipping costs, and strains known to thrive in their growing conditions, local seed banks are a good choice.

Understand the world of cannabis seeds

Cannabis seeds are delicate, tiny structures that need love, care, and attention. Getting the beginning right means getting a bountiful, healthy harvest. The sections below talk about how to work with the seeds.


Seed germination

Proper seed germination can set the stage for a healthy plant. We cover tried-and-true germination techniques that can help ensure your seeds sprout.
How to sprout seeds

Seed quality

Learn how to identify healthy seeds from bad ones based on touch and feel. Also take a look at best seed storing practices so you can sprout them even after 5 years.
Seed quality guide

Become an expert cannabis grower

Seeds are just the starting point: there is much more to do in the cannabis life cycle – from ensuring a healthy vegetation phase with the help of the right training practices to supplying the correct nutrients in the flowering while balancing its light needs and everything in between.

Check out our growing section for a range of comprehensive articles on this subject. We have addressed different topics and questions you may encounter in your weed-growing journey to help you get the best buds.

Growing guides


  • Is buying cannabis seeds online legal in Thailand?

    Yes, you can buy weed seeds in Thailand. You can also grow them – provided you are a Thai citizen and have registered on the Plook Ganja app. However, the laws are changing so be sure to check the latest rules below growing.

  • Can I get discreet shipping for cannabis seeds?

    Yes, most top seed banks offer discreet shipping options to ensure your privacy and security. The seeds come in neutral packaging – often masked with other generic products.

  • What should I do if my seeds don’t germinate?

    Contact the seed bank’s customer service. Reputable banks often offer a germination guarantee and will replace seeds that fail to sprout.

  • Which is the best seed bank in Thailand?

    Fast Buds, Siam Seeds, and Royal Queen Seeds, are among the top-rated cannabis seed shops in Thailand.