Rick Simpson Oil (RSO): A Complete Guide to Original Cannabis Oil

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Published: 2023-09-21
RSO oil

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Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) is a unique cannabis extract that has been around long before medicinal marijuana became widely accepted.

Named after its creator, this distinct oil is known for its high concentration of THC, cannabinoids, and terpenes. Think of this cannabis oil as a highly potent, concentrated form of weed. It is black and uses the whole cannabis plant.

Rick Simpson Oil is famous for its potential medicinal uses. Where people could not find relief in traditional medicines, they found comfort in RSO. Many people worldwide have reported experiencing life-changing improvements that greatly improved their overall well-being.

In this article, we will take a close look into RSO, how to make it, how to use it, and what conditions it can help with.

What is Rick Simpson Oil?

Rick Simpson Oil, commonly referred to as RSO, is a high-concentration cannabis oil created by Rick Simpson – a Canadian medical marijuana advocate. The oil has a dark black, tar-like colour and smells earthy.

Even before he got to making RSO, Simpson had experience with cannabis. After a bad fall, he discovered marijuana relieved his dizziness and other related symptoms.

An engineer by profession, Simpson’s journey towards its creation began after a major health scare.

In 2003, Rick Simpson faced a severe form of skin cancer called basal cell carcinoma. Established treatments didn’t seem promising, prompting him to seek alternative remedies.

After reading a study from the National Cancer Institute, Simpson discovered that THC might have anti-cancer effects. Fascinated by this finding, he turned to cannabis as a potential solution.

Rick made his version of cannabis oil at home (RSO), applied it to his skin on the affected area, and covered it with a bandage. After a few days, Simpson reported that the cancerous spots had disappeared. This claim of using topical potent cannabis oil to cure cancer has not been independently verified.

This led him to throw his full weight behind mass producing the oil for people and advocate its potential benefits.

Are there any medical benefits of RSO?

While Simpson found that RSO helped him with his cancer, scientific studies have not validated the claim.

An infographic showing physical traits and potential benefits of RSO.
Common features and potential benefits of Rick Simpson Oil.

People say that RSO has helped them with:

  • Chronic pain
  • Sleep
  • Arthritis
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Depression
  • Infections
  • Drug addictions

Studies looking at the use of RSO for medicinal reasons are rare. This may be due to a lack of standards/uniformity when it comes to making the oil. Nevertheless, the following results of RSO are worth noting:

  • The oil significantly reduced the number of leukemic blast cells in a 14-year-old terminal patient, and it did so without causing any harmful side effects.
  • Three-year-old Brooklyn Hall was diagnosed with a rare form of brain cancer. Her mother turned to medical cannabis as a last resort after conventional methods like chemo and radiation did not work. She used Rick Simpson Oil, and over time, Brooklyn’s tumours reduced in size. She is now considered cancer-free.
  • A study conducted on the use of medical cannabis in Thailand reported similar results. They used a Thai version of RSO, made by Mr. Banthoon Niyimapa (Lung Tu), using native Sativa cannabis species instead of the preferred Indica. This extract was given to 98 cancer patients, and by the end of the study, 86 of them survived.

Keeping aside RSO, cannabis, in general, has been shown to have numerous health benefits.

Research suggests marijuana can help with pain, cancer, sleep, anxiety, stress, epilepsy, and more. The studies arriving at these conclusions have used different formulations and dosages of cannabinoids – very different from Rick Simpson Oil.

The bottom line, however, is cannabis plant compounds like cannabinoids and terpenes are a valuable aid in easing the symptoms of many health conditions.

Where can you buy RSO?

Legal and regulated Rick Simpson Oil may not be widely available in Thailand. While the RSO is sold online, these fall under the scope of medical cannabis and will require a prescription.

That said, the rise of legal cannabis in Thailand has led to the growth of a professional and regulated industry. This means you can access an array of verified, authentic products that can offer benefits similar to RSO.

These products, which include other forms of THC cannabis oil, edibles, or topicals, are manufactured under controlled conditions, checked for quality thoroughly, and packaged with appropriate labels indicating their THC/CBD content and dosage recommendations.

Remember: RSO is special because it contains the complete blend of whole-plant cannabis extract. You can find similar products (or even better) on the legal market.

What matters more is how you take marijuana – in what dosage. Rick Simpson took matters into his own hands and made the extract at home. The same has also happened in Thailand, where people made cannabis extracts and ganja oil at home to ease their symptoms.

Weed Review advocates against self-medication. With medical marijuana legal in Thailand, there are experienced doctors who specialise in treating conditions with cannabis. We recommend you consult them for the best course of action.

How to make Rick Simpson Oil?

RSO is a homemade cannabis oil containing high levels of THC, produced using an alcohol extraction process. It is similar to making cannabis oil or edibles at home.

An infographic showing the main steps in making Rick Simpson Oil.
A quick summary of how to cook RSO at home.

You will find a step-by-step guide on producing RSO on the official website.

Creating Rick Simpson Oil at home is time-consuming and requires much attention. You must be really careful due to the flammable nature of the chemicals used. Do this in a well-ventilated area. Keep away from open flames like stovetops, sparks, lighters, and cigarettes.

  • Materials: You’ll require whole plant cannabis (about 450 grams of dry material for a 60 grams yield), 8-9 litres of a solvent (99% isopropyl alcohol, pure ethanol, or another solvent of choice), a bucket, a deep bowl, wooden spoons, cheesecloth, and containers for storing the oil.
  • Extraction: Place the dry cannabis in the bucket, and cover it with the solvent. Stir and crush the plant material with the wooden spoon while adding the solvent. This process separates the THC-rich resins from the plant material.
  • Straining: After soaking and stirring for about 3 minutes, drain the mixture into the bowl using the cheesecloth. This removes the plant matter, leaving behind the liquid. Put the plant matter back into the first bucket and add more solvent. Repeat the process.
  • Evaporation: The remaining liquid should look dark. It contains all cannabinoids and terpenes from cannabis. The solvent must be evaporated without removing the desired compounds.
  • Collecting the oil: What remains after evaporation is a thick, tar-like substance—this is your Rick Simpson Oil. Carefully draw this into a syringe or store it in an airtight container.

You will find similar formulations in Thailand containing the full spectrum of cannabis compounds. This will save you the trouble of making the oil at home. These extracts are third-party lab-tested and undergo the necessary quality checks.

How much RSO should you take?

Rick Simpson Oil is potent, and there is a recommended dosing regimen for the extract.

It involves taking 60 grams of RSO over 90 days. This treatment protocol, developed by Rick Simpson himself, is believed to be sufficient enough to see noticeable health improvements.

This 90-day regimen starts very gently and is increased gradually. This allows the body to adapt to the high THC content of the oil.

  • Week 1-3: Users are advised to take tiny doses, about the size of half a grain of rice, three times a day. This equates to approximately 1/4 of a drop.
  • Week 4-5: Double the dosage every four days. You should still stick to the schedule of taking RSO thrice a day.
  • Week 6-12: Increase the dosage to 1 gram per day until the full 60 grams have been consumed.

While this dosing plan might seem tricky, the incremental increase allows the body to build a tolerance to THC over time.

Please note that this dosing plan has not been verified independently. Moreover, the response to RSO can differ from person to person, depending on tolerance, metabolism, sensitivity to cannabis, and individual biology.

Since you are taking RSO for medicinal reasons, it is best to talk to a doctor.

Side effects of RSO

Properly prepared Rick Simpson Oil, free of solvents & chemicals, is safe to use.

The oil’s side effects align with those seen in cannabis use. Considering the high THC concentration & potency of the oil, the effects are intense and more long-lasting – especially in higher doses.

Common side effects of RSO are:

  • Changes in mood
  • Laughter
  • Drowsiness
  • Nausea
  • Euphoria
  • Paranoia
  • Low blood pressure
  • Dizziness
  • Dry mouth
  • Poor hand-eye coordination
  • Memory problems

In addition, since you take RSO orally, it can also cause drug interactions. That is, cannabis oil can interfere with how the liver metabolises medicines in your body, thus changing their effectiveness.

In Simpson’s words, mixing steroids/painkillers/morphine and other medicines with the extract can lead to ‘horrible side effects.’

If you are taking meds and want to add RSO to your routine, please consult your doctor for optimum dosage guidelines.


Rick Simpson Oil is one of the very first unofficial cannabis oil to enter the medical marijuana scene. RSO is highly pure, potent & concentrated, containing THC, terpenes, and other cannabinoids.

While there are no scientifically proven benefits of taking RSO, the comprising marijuana itself has been proven to have many therapeutic benefits for the body and mind. If you want to try RSO, you can either make it at home – which requires utmost care and precaution – or buy a similar product in the market.

Thanks to legal medical marijuana, plenty of products offer the full-spectrum compounds of cannabis.

We recommend visiting a doctor before adding RSO or similar products to your daily plan.