THC Oil in Thailand

THC oil, sometimes also known as cannabis oil, is available in Thailand to citizens and foreigners. Unlike pure cannabidiol (CBD) oil, this variety of cannabis oil comes under medicinal marijuana due to the high content of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). The Thai cannabis laws make extracts – like oils and tinctures – containing more than 0.2% THC illegal for general use. Hence, the only way to buy them is through a doctor’s prescription.

Weed Review gives an insight into what THC cannabis oil is and how to buy it in Thailand.

What is THC cannabis oil?

THC oils are tinctures containing high amounts of tetrahydrocannabinol – the psychoactive molecule in marijuana plants that gets you high. THC is why people smoke weed recreationally. However, the effects in the oil form are much more noticeable and stronger.

These oils are made by extracting the THC, other cannabinoids, and sometimes terpenes from the weed plant and mixing them with a carrier oil like MCT or hemp oil.


THC oils will get you high – higher than your regular weed buds. This is because tinctures are generally more potent and carry a higher, concentrated dosage – making them more suited for medicinal use.

For example, one gram of White Widow with 20% THC may contain only 200 mg of THC. Not all 200 mg will completely reach your system when you smoke this bud. Some THC will be lost with every puff. However, it will still be enough to knock your socks off.

In the case of THC oil, such losses are on the lower end. Just a few drops of potent cannabis oil can deliver a high similar to a joint. It is also why these cannabis oils can be bought under a doctor’s guidance only. If you are looking for a recreational high, weed buds are better suited.

Cannabis oil with THC can help with the following:

Side effects & risks

At the same time, there are some side effects of cannabis oil to consider, such as diarrhoea, anxiety and paranoia (if taken in high doses), increased heart rate, etc. These side effects vary from person to person and depend on tolerance to cannabis, sensitivity, weight, and other biological factors.

The side effects also depend on the quality of the product. A pure THC oil made from organic ingredients and cannabis will lead to a better experience than a tincture that contains additives and chemicals, made with poor extraction techniques and low-grade cannabis.

For this reason, Weed Review recommends buying THC oil from a medicinal marijuana dispensary under a doctor’s supervision. This ensures the product you buy is of the highest quality and third-party lab-tested.

How to buy THC oil

Since cannabis oil with THC is a part of medical marijuana, you can buy them only at state-approved clinics after talking to a cannabis doctor. The tinctures are prescribed only after the doctor has evaluated your medical history, existing conditions, medications, and other factors.

The medical cannabis dispensaries in Thailand source their cannabis oil from GPO – a government-owned pharmaceutical company researching medical cannabis for almost five years. It is also approved by the Thai FDA (Food and Drugs Administration) and has undergone several clinical trials and testing rounds.

If you are looking for simple CBD oil with THC less than 0.2%, you can easily buy it online without meeting a doctor. The downside is there is little to no THC, so you will not feel the high, but it will still help you with your symptoms. Remember – CBD and THC oil is both therapeutic, but only one is intoxicating.

How to use THC oil

The best way to use THC oil is through sublingual consumption, that is, by placing it under the tongue. There are plenty of blood vessels, and the skin is relatively thin – leading to quick absorption.

You will feel the effects within 15-30 minutes of taking the drops. The dosage instructions will be mentioned on the bottle or by your cannabis doctor, depending on your weight, metabolism, existing conditions, tolerance, and sensitivity. Self-dosing with THC oil is not recommended.

You can also use these strong cannabis oils for cooking by adding them to edibles like brownies, chocolates, and drinks. However, take care to dose as it can be tricky to judge how much weed to eat.

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