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Distinctive terpenes
Caryophyllene, limonene, myrcene
Helps with
Stress, anxiety, appetite
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Very High
Sativa Indica

Effects & Usage



Stardawg (also known as Stardog) is a hybrid strain that skews slightly sativa. It brilliantly showcases its Chemdawg ancestry with its characteristic diesel-piney aroma and a lively cerebral high. Scoring around 20% of THC on average, it brings you on a potent extraterrestrial journey of energy, happiness and creativity.


Stardawg has a quick and potent onset, beginning with an electrifying cerebral launch that fuels your creativity and overall well-being. This strain should not be taken lightly – its effects will quickly make you jump out of your seat, filling you with energy and preparing you for action. As such, when used responsibly, it is an ideal option for a wake-and-bake, offering a perfect substitute for your morning coffee.

No matter the challenges awaiting you, whether it is a demanding work project or a cleaning session – Stardawg has your back. Its euphoria-inducing properties will make you feel like you are floating amongst the stars, casting away stress and anxiety into the cosmos. On top of that, the indica present in the hybrid ensures profound relaxation, dissolving physical tension and making way for a deep sense of calm without glueing you to the couch.

If you moderate your intake, rest assured it will be a beautiful experience, leaving you functional and productive.

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While mostly adored by recreational users, Stardawg can provide medicinal benefits too. The energising, uplifting kick brought on by limonene could be an excellent solution for users struggling with chronic fatigue.

Thanks to the strong presence of caryophyllene, it also exhibits anti-inflammatory properties. It may help with milder muscle/joint pains and headaches.

Regarding the mental sphere, conditions such as stress, anxiety and depression won’t compete with the soothing and cheerful aura it creates, so it can also provide a temporary buffer against their symptoms.

Side effects

The consumption of Stardawg will almost definitely result in a cottonmouth and dry eyes. Some dizziness and mild headaches have also been reported. Surprisingly for such a potent sativa, the strain does not often induce paranoia or anxiety. Nevertheless, caution is required – especially for people with a lower THC tolerance or those already prone to mental health conditions. It is best to begin the consumption with a single puff and gradually increase the dosage if required.

Taste & Smell


A single look at Stardawg’s flowers is an instant giveaway of its name’s origin. They boast an incredibly dense and thick layer of trichomes, creating a luminous shine that almost overshadows the tight, tiny popcorn-shaped buds. The flavour and scent carry a robust dankness that will undoubtedly appeal to experienced smokers but might be too intense for newcomers. Both feature a powerful diesel essence as the primary note, complemented by a refreshing fusion of lemon and pine that lingers on the palate after exhaling.

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Stardawg emerged from the creative efforts of the renowned Top Dawg Seeds, dedicated to creating unique Chemdawg variations. This strain’s journey began with a union of two Chemdog descendants, Chemdawg 4 and their other product, Tres Dawg. In a vast cannabis universe, this strain truly does shine like a star with its uniquely potent effects – and might easily be the most prestigious strain of the Dawg line.

Growing conditions

Stardawg can be a finicky plant, so it is not recommended for novice growers. It resists pests well; however, it is sensitive to humidity changes and can also be infested by mildew – necessitating frequent topping and pruning to prevent it. It is best grown indoors, but you will need space, as Stardog can reach even 2 metres.

The flowering time usually spans 9 to 11 weeks. There are various reports regarding yields – from only 120 grams up to 400 g per square metre indoors; similarly with outdoor cultivation – from 200 to even 500 grams per plant.