Power Plant

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Distinctive terpenes
Myrcene, pinene, caryophyllene
Helps with
Stress, pain, depression
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Sativa Indica

Effects & Usage



Just like its name suggests, Power Plant packs a punch. As a child strain of South African landraces, it provides clear-headed, natural effects of cannabis, just as it used to be back in the day. Containing, on average, 15 to 20% THC, it offers a stimulating high that enhances creativity and focus.


Power Plant’s effects start with a gentle uplift, like a breeze that tickles your consciousness. This swiftly evolves into a powerful surge of euphoria, washing over your mind and sweeping away fatigue and worry. Power Plant is an excellent strain of choice for artists, writers and thinkers, inspiring motivation and imagination. However, you can also use it to power through more mundane tasks – just because of how energising this flower is. It can be a great replacement for your morning shot of coffee.

Aside from facilitating work, Power Plant will be a great companion to any social gathering. It makes the users super chatty and acts as an icebreaker – turning everyone into a social butterfly as it loosens inhibitions.

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With a substantial CBD content (at 2%), Power Plant can be a helpful remedy against all physical and mental tension. Thanks to that relaxation, stress is soothed, and the milder pains in your body can disappear. Users with migraines, headaches and muscle pains can find some comfort in Power Plant. On top of being relaxing, the strain is also uplifting, which may help people with anxiety, depression and other mood disorders.

Side effects

Power Plant is generally well-tolerated, and side effects are mostly limited to eye and mouth dehydration and mild headaches. Nevertheless, it is important to remember that high-THC flowers can sometimes induce paranoia and anxiety, especially in sensitive users. So keep your limits in mind and start slowly.

Taste & Smell


If you could think of a “typical” scent and taste of weed, you would probably come close to what Power Plant is like. It has that quintessential herbal, earthy, woody aroma courtesy of myrcene. It is subtle yet pleasant if you are a fan of the classic, old-school MJ. The flavour profile is equally delicate – with prevalent woody pinene and spicy caryophyllene notes. The tangy flavour tends to linger on your tongue for a while.

Power Plant’s large buds, although fairly standard, make for a beautiful sight with their generous coating of sparkling trichomes.



Powerplant has its roots in South Africa, perfected by the Dutch Passion Seed Company through selective breeding of South African landraces. Its genetics carry the wild spirit of its robust parent strains. Since its release in 1997, it has become a staple in the European cannabis scene, winning a few HighLife Cup awards, among others. Multiple variations of the strain have been bred since its inception, but the original remains the most loved one.

Growing conditions

Cultivating Power Plant is rewarding, as the strain exhibits impressive resistance to common pests and diseases. Given its preference for a sunny climate, outdoor cultivation might be the best fit, but indoor growth is equally possible with the right setup.

The plants typically reach a moderate height of 1-1.5m and have a relatively short flowering time of 7-9 weeks.

Growers can expect a generous yield, with indoor harvests producing around 500-600 grams per square metre and outdoors, even more, between 600 and 1000 grams per plant.

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