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Distinctive terpenes
Caryophyllene, limonene, myrcene
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Insomnia, stress, pain
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Sativa Indica

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Oreoz (also known as Oreos and Oreo Cookies) is an impressive indica-dominant hybrid created from the cross of Secret Weapon with Cookies and Cream. With a significant THC content ranging from 20 to a staggering 33%, it provides a potent yet perfectly balanced high alongside earthy cookie flavour notes. You can expect heaps of happiness, creativity and complete serenity.


Oreoz delivers a potent punch; you can expect to feel its effects right from the first inhale. Before you know it, you will be immersed in an all-encompassing euphoria that wipes down any previous negativity or stress you were experiencing. This is a great strain to share in the comforting company of good friends, as it makes you chatty, giggly and creative. You will simply want to spread that joy around.

Following the cerebral uplift, Oreoz induces a calming bodily relaxation that gradually spreads down your body, creating a tingling sensation. This results in a magnificent, one-of-a-kind high where you feel peaceful, relaxed and active at the same time. You will certainly not feel like running a marathon or starting a deep cleaning session, but you will still be inspired enough to work on creative projects or enjoy thought-provoking conversations with your friends.

With Oreoz, every experience becomes more pleasurable, be it a serene day at the spa, a leisurely weekend afternoon, or any other low-key activity.

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Oreoz has made its name in the therapeutic arena for its remarkable medical qualities. Thanks to its high caryophyllene content, the strain supports analgesic relief for various conditions, including chronic pain. Its potent anti-inflammatory action can be helpful for gastrointestinal disorders. It can also restore appetite in patients with eating problems by reducing nausea.

Oreoz is a potent mood booster, which may be beneficial for those dealing with mood disorders like depression and PTSD, as well as anyone experiencing stress of any kind. With the addition of calming myrcene, the strain soothes the mind and reduces tension, helping individuals with insomnia get a healthy night of deep sleep.

Side effects

As is the case with many high THC strains, Oreoz can sometimes lead to headaches and feelings of anxiety and paranoia. This is the case, especially if you have a low tolerance to THC or are prone to these mental health conditions. You can also expect some cottonmouth, dry eyes, and strong munchies.

The key to enjoying Oreoz is to begin with a single puff and then slowly build up the dose if necessary.

Taste & Smell


With a name like Oreoz, you would be right to assume that the strain resembles creamy cookies. Its fragrance is an inviting blend of creamy, nutty chocolate cookies with a pungent earthy undertone, complemented by a touch of diesel and a hint of spicy, peppery caryophyllene notes. The taste mirrors the aroma in a unique way. Imagine biting into a cookie coated in earthy flavours and delicately infused with spice- and you will have a close approximation of the unique taste experience offered by Oreoz.

The stunning appearance of Oreoz flowers is undoubtedly the icing on the cake. They feature vibrant neon green nuggets adorned with purple leaves and generously covered in sparkling trichomes with a subtle pink hue.



Oreoz was bred by 3rd Coast Genetics, a Michigan-based breeder who combined two distinct varieties, a potent Secret Weapon with the marvellous Cookies and Cream. The strain undoubtedly inherited the best from both parents, resulting in an interesting combination of a skunky, pungent punch from Secret Weapon combined with the smooth, delectable creamy cookie notes.

Growing conditions

Cultivating Oreoz is a rewarding endeavour, given the plant’s relatively high resistance to mould and plant diseases. The plant thrives in warm, moderately humid conditions. While it can be grown outdoors for consistent results, indoor cultivation in a controlled environment is preferable, providing higher yields. The plants usually grow to a moderate height of 1-1.5m, fitting easily even in limited spaces. They typically flower in 8-9 weeks and can yield a harvest of 300-600 grams per square meter indoors, compared to 275-425 grams per plant outdoors.