Monster Cookies

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Quick info

Distinctive terpenes
Caryophyllene, limonene, humulene
Helps with
Pain, stress, depression, insomnia
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Sativa Indica

Effects & Usage



Monster Cookies is a fascinating hybrid, leaning more on the indica side, with a lower THC content of between 12-18%. Taking cues from its esteemed parents, GSC and Granddaddy Purple, this flower promises a journey of blissful euphoria and profound bodily relaxation. On top of all this goodness, the strain has a delightful fruity aroma and sweet cookie taste.


The journey with Monster Cookies begins as a gentle touch to the mind, uplifting the mood and providing happy vibes. It quietens all worries, releasing mental shackles of stress and making you feel at ease.

Soon enough, a relaxing body high spreads with a tingle, beginning in your head and neck and down your limbs. You will feel weightless – left in a dreamy state, almost like you are levitating on a happy cloud far away from worldly burdens. This charming state may make you not want to lift a single finger – keeping you savouring the present moment instead, busy with your dreams in a lovely headspace on your favourite couch.

Whether you’re amongst close friends, sharing conversations rich with laughter, deep and meaningful or simply indulging in introspection – Monster Cookies resonates beautifully.

Blue Dream or Forbidden Fruit may also provide another captivating experience if this strain sits well with your vibe.


Monster Cookies offer a multitude of medicinal benefits. Due to its terpene and cannabinoid profile, high in anti-inflammatory CBG (1%), caryophyllene, and humulene, it can be an effective pain remedy – from headaches to menstrual cramps and arthritis.

It can also be helpful across the mental sphere – be it depression, stress or anxiety. High in uplifting limonene, Monster Cookies replaces negativity with positive thoughts, bringing temporary relief to sufferers of mental health conditions.

While it won’t knock you out instantly, the slow-burning sedative quality can help you descend into sleep naturally, making it a potential remedy for insomnia.

Side effects

The usual side effects of Monster Cookies consumption mainly consist of dry eyes and mouth sensations. In case of overconsumption, paranoia and dizziness can also occur. Despite its lower THC count, the strain is potent and should not be underestimated. Practise responsible consumption as always, especially if you are a beginner or tend to be prone to anxiety and panic. Start with a single puff, gradually increasing the dosage as necessary.

Taste & Smell


Monster Cookies are a treat to the senses- beginning with their sticky, shimmering, dense forest-green buds. These often spot beautiful blue and purple hues, taken over from the Granddaddy Purple parent.

But the looks aren’t the only thing GDP influences – so is the marvellous fragrance, boasting an intense, sweet grape and berry base with gassy and earthy undertones. Upon breaking the buds, you will also notice a hint of spice.

While equally complex, the taste is more influenced by Girl Scout Cookies. Smooth, sweet vanilla and berry notes combine with a dank exhale accentuated by a bit of cherries for an exceptional, indulgent experience.

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Monster Cookies is a testament to masterful breeding, coming from two iconic, multi-award winners: the beloved GSC and the tasty, relaxing Granddaddy Purple. With such an esteemed lineage, Monster Cookies was bound to be a success right from the start. The author of this intriguing creation still remains a mystery, and this enigma only adds charm to this rare variety.

Growing conditions

Unfortunately, the authentic seeds of Monster Cookies have not been released on sale, so the only chance to grow your own is to obtain a clipping for a clone from an existing plant. If you overcome that hurdle, expect a short, bushy plant, usually reaching around 1 metre. Due to this stature, it will need regular topping.

Monster Cookies can be grown equally well both indoors and outdoors in a sunny, moderately warm climate with some humidity. Flowering takes 8-9 weeks, with a relatively modest harvest of around 300-350 grams per square metre indoors and about 350 grams per plant outdoors.