Member Berry

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Quick info

Distinctive terpenes
Caryophyllene, myrcene, humulene
Helps with
Mood disorders, pain, insomnia
Ease of growing
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Very High
Sativa Indica

Effects & Usage



Member Berry, another charming Ethos Genetics creation, is an indica-dominant flower coming from the union of Skunkberry and Mandarin Sunset. With THC levels ranging from 16-25%, it can be a solid choice for both newbies and experienced users. The strain is adored for its ability to induce relaxation, simultaneously allowing your creativity and happiness to bloom—think of it as your personal Zen garden in cannabis form.


‘Member original Star Wars? ‘Member the 90s music? ‘Member the peaceful Saturdays when you were a kid? Member Berry will help you remember.

For an indica-dominant strain, the journey with Member Berry is surprisingly cerebral. It unfolds gently, starting with a subtle rush of joy and a sense of mental liberation. You’ll feel lighter and happier, and the thoughts that weigh you down seem to evaporate – leaving you with a serene outlook as if someone gave you a pair of rose-coloured glasses.

By unshackling you from mental burdens, it stimulates creativity and sociability, enhancing just about any activity you do. As you remain largely functional, use it to tackle your to-do lists with ease and unmet enthusiasm. This highly pleasurable high feels like a warm day at a beach – basking you in that optimism and happiness. You may also experience strong nostalgia of the good old times.

Midway through the high, the indica starts making its presence noticeable, with a warming sensation trickling down your spine, eventually bathing the whole body in serenity. You won’t be held in a couchlock, but a welcoming chair and a good book wouldn’t hurt. And if you have a go at Member Berry in the evening, feeling so peaceful and relaxed might make you drift off to sleep naturally.

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While primarily used as a recreational treat, Member Berry can also be utilised for its therapeutic properties.

The cerebral, euphoric high eliminates stress, negativity and repetitive thoughts, giving respite to sufferers of depression, anxiety and even PTSD or OCD.

The body high may relieve mild to moderate pains, bolstered by the anti-inflammatory properties of caryophyllene and humulene.

Lastly, used a few hours before bedtime, this strain can gently cradle you to sleep as it provides such deep relaxation, naturally easing the transition from wakefulness.

Side effects

Member Berry is usually well tolerated; in most cases, its side effects will be limited to dry eyes and mouth sensations. However, overconsumption, low THC tolerance and susceptibility to panic and anxiety may also lead to symptoms of paranoia. To minimise this risk, it is essential – as always – to practise responsible consumption. To be safe, begin with one puff and gradually increase the dosage as you go.

Taste & Smell


A few different phenotypes of the flower circulate, but most spot bright green, tightly packed buds accented by beautiful purple hues and dark orange pistils.

The aroma is rather classic and subtle – with a dominating pine and skunky base, gently complemented with notes of citrus and berries upon breaking up.

Where Member Berry truly excels is the taste – a lot more potent than the strain’s aroma, it will feel like you are indulging in a tropical smoothie. Fruity influences dominate the flavour – popping with citrus first, all the way to sweet grapes and berries on the exhale.



This berry tale began in the minds of skilled breeders at Ethos Genetics, who combined the euphoric Skunkberry with the aromatic Mandarin Sunset. The strain’s tag may ring a bell for South Park fans, with some sources claiming that the flower was named in honour of South Park’s Member Berries, and others conversely – that the strain inspired South Park’s creators. No matter which version is true, the two indeed share many characteristics – with Member Berry evoking as much happiness as its cartoon namesake.

Growing conditions

Member Berry will thrive in the hands of a caring, experienced cultivator. It grows relatively short (1-1.5m) and bushy, making it vulnerable to pests and mildew. Gentle trimming, as well as frequent monitoring of humidity, can help prevent these problems. Indoor growing is advisable to keep air moisture at around 40%, which the plant prefers.

The plant will usually flower in 9 weeks, rewarding the growers with generous yields – of between 550 to 600 grams per square metre indoors and around 600 grams per plant outdoors.