Cookies and Cream

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Distinctive terpenes
Caryophyllene, limonene, myrcene
Helps with
Pain, stress, depression
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Sativa Indica

Effects & Usage



Taking its name from a beloved dessert, Cookies and Cream is a flavourful delight for any cannabis lover. This evenly balanced hybrid, a progeny of the Pacific Northwest, delivers a serene cocktail of mood elevation and physical relaxation that hints at the calm of a forest walk. Born from a cross of Starfighter and a unique GSC phenotype, it hits the scales with a potent THC content of 20-26%.


The onset of Cookies and Cream effects is gradual, beginning with a gentle rise of the spirit, a lightening of the mental load that slowly turns into a joyful euphoria. While it initially provides a little focus and mental clarity, its cerebral effects mainly concentrate on the mood. This feel-good effect, so characteristic of the Cookie family, catapults you into a serene space where you feel incredibly cheerful and blissful.

As an evenly split hybrid, Cookies and Cream combines the best of both worlds, also acting on your body to release physical tension and alleviate all pain and unrest. Despite its calming qualities, the strain does not induce a heavy couch-lock sensation, allowing you to stay active whilst enjoying your lazy weekend activities.

However, in large enough doses, the strain can contribute to a restful night of deep slumber by making your evening genuinely peaceful.

If you are looking for a relaxed, uplifting journey, Cookies and Cream will be an excellent strain for you. You may also explore our cannabis hybrids strain inventory for other joyful options.


Cookies and Cream is not only a delicious strain; it can also be a soothing remedy for various ailments.

It provides a very relaxing journey, which can help combat everyday stresses and tension. Thanks to a high content of uplifting limonene, it boosts mood and may temporarily relieve depression symptoms. It is also rich in anti-inflammatory and pain-killing caryophyllene and CBG (2%), which makes it a great choice for individuals grappling with chronic pain, migraines, muscle tension, and inflammation.

Side effects

The most commonly reported adverse reactions to Cookies and Cream are eye and mouth dehydration, alongside increased anxiety. Due to the strain’s high THC content, paranoia can also occur, especially in individuals prone to mental health conditions. It is important to consume responsibly to minimise the risk of these side effects – starting with a single puff.

Taste & Smell


The strain’s look brings to mind a piney forest, showcasing dark green, resin-covered small buds akin to pine needles. Its aroma mirrors this experience, offering fresh earthiness reminiscent of a morning forest walk, enhanced with subtle, creamy vanilla. This culminates in a delightful, sweet blend adored by cannabis connoisseurs around the globe.

When smoked, Cookies and Cream delivers an exceptionally smooth experience, much like a mouth-watering creamy treat. Inhaling reveals gentle hints of vanilla-flavoured ice cream, while the exhale leaves a lingering nutty sweetness that delights the senses.

Fans of this strain will also appreciate the fabulous flavours of Gelato or Biscotti.



Birthed in the vibrant Pacific Northwest by Exotic Genetix, Cookies and Cream is a prodigy of Starfighter and a mysterious GSC phenotype. The name “Cookies and Cream” draws from the famous dessert known for its delightful mix of crunchy cookies and creamy vanilla, perfectly reflecting the strain’s sweet, mouth-watering flavour and balanced effects. This cultivar became massively popular shortly after its release, winning the 2014 Denver Cannabis Cup as the best hybrid.

Growing conditions

Cookies and Cream is not easy to cultivate, necessitating a steady feeding schedule and precise environment monitoring. Those with more experience can successfully grow it in humid conditions with temperatures around 21-27 degrees. Indoor cultivation is the preferred method for this strain, allowing for better control over environmental factors.

This plant grows quite tall, reaching up to 1.8m, and will require consistent pruning. However, the short flowering time of just eight weeks compensates for the high maintenance requirements. Yields reach 350-450 grams per square metre indoors and around 450 grams per plant outdoors.