Birthday Cake

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Quick info

Distinctive terpenes
Caryophyllene, limonene, myrcene
Helps with
Pain, inflammation, insomnia, stress
Ease of growing
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Very High
Sativa Indica

Effects & Usage



Enter the realm of Birthday Cake, also known as Birthday Cake Kush. This evenly split hybrid combines the esteemed Cherry Pie and Girl Scout Cookies for delicious flavour and marvellous effects. It scores between 18 to 26% THC, ensuring a potent action. You’ll find yourself captured in the dance of peace, happiness, and deep introspection.


Birthday Cake wastes no time in revealing its delightful experience. You will notice an almost immediate mood uplift, sparking a joyous euphoria and making you giggle at the tiniest things. Plenty of thoughts and inspiration come up, putting you in a contemplative state. The environment suddenly seems more vibrant, the mind more eager to engage and share.

In no time, Birthday Cake also sweeps you away into a state of deep relaxation, causing the tension and worry to melt away as blissful lightness takes its place. Your body will feel too heavy to engage in many physical activities. Still, the mind will stay clear and active, allowing you to enjoy a serene evening with good friends, ready for deep conversations and hearty laughter. Ideal for winding down after a challenging day, this strain will gradually prepare you for a restful night’s sleep.


Thanks to a high CBG and caryophyllene content, Birthday Cake can be an excellent ally in the battle against pain and inflammation of all kinds, from headaches and migraines to more severe conditions such as IBS, chronic pain and fibromyalgia.

With the helping hand of calming myrcene, Birthday Cake can also soothe the anxious mind, relieve stress and insomnia, and encourage restorative sleep. Lastly, its mood-boosting properties may alleviate the symptoms of mood disorders.

Side effects

Most side effects of Birthday Cake are rather manageable and limited to dry eyes and mouth. Users sensitive to THC may experience slight dizziness and an increase in anxiety and paranoia. Moderating your consumption is crucial to minimise the risk of these adverse reactions, so start with a single puff and slowly increase the dose if necessary.

Taste & Smell


Birthday Cake is, hands down, a big sensory spectacle. The first encounter with this strain is akin to walking into a gourmet cannabis bakery. You will smell an intoxicating blend of sweet vanilla frosting and skunky, pungent undertones underscored by hints of spice, a combination that does justice to its namesake. Upon inhalation, you will be greeted by some fruity notes, slowly developing into skunky vanilla accented by a hint of nutty cookies. The looks of the massive, dense buds complement the show – showcasing a vibrant spectrum of colours, starting with beautiful violet hues among the lush green all the way to a glistening white, sticky trichome coat.

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Just as the birthday cake is a highlight of any celebration, so is Birthday Cake a star in the cannabis world. Born of the union of two beloved strains, GSC and Cherry Pie, this flower is as exceptional as its lineage suggests. The powerful tranquillity it ushers and the delightful sensory profile make a fitting tribute to its distinguished parent strains.

Growing conditions

Birthday Cake loves a warm, humid climate, making it a perfect strain of choice for outdoor Thai growers. Despite its liking for high humidity, you will not have to worry about moulds, as the flower inherited excellent mould resistance from its parent, Cherry Pie. Around 8 to 10 weeks, you can expect it to reach around 1-1.5m and be ready for harvest. The average yields are 350-450 grams per square metre indoors and about 450 grams per plant outdoors.