Weed Review was started as a response to using cannabis responsibly. Our mission is to educate Thais and foreigners about the harms and benefits of medicinal marijuana. Cannabis is nothing new in this country, but the knowledge of using it for medical reasons has been lost over the generations. 

Our ambition is to fill that gap with easy-to-understand articles and transparent reviews of legal cannabis products. Using modern cannabis products in a safe way can make big changes for people who have tried western medicine without successful results. 

Who we are

We are an international team with long experience in consumer advisement education within regulated products and industries. Our writers are educated in the fields of Thai traditional medicine and modern medicine, but also in physical therapy, complementary and alternative medicine. Our individual experience and science argue that cannabis is best used as a complement to modern medicine and alternative practices. You can not cure anxiety with cannabis, but you can reduce your suffering from it, and then apply modern therapy.

Always consult a doctor first 

Using cannabis can lead to marijuana use disorder with different ranges of severity, and may lead to addiction in the worst cases. There are still very few documented proofs and clinical trials of large patient populations that run in the gold standard of a peer-reviewed journal that marijuana can cure any disease. There is a lot of tell-tale out there. 

All information on Weed Review should be considered guidelines for using medicinal marijuana. We always recommend you to consult a doctor if you suffer from any condition we write about on the website. Using cannabis as a sole treatment or self-medicating is not recommended. 

Review process

The purpose of our product reviews is to give you a safe and healthy cannabis experience, at the best price. There are many products on the market today, especially edibles, which are illegal, dangerous and can lead to hospitalization.

We only test legal cannabis products and never endorse any illegal services or products. We solely test cannabis grown in Thailand. We compare our test results with the certificate of analysis provided by the marijuana clinic and give a recommendation on how & why to consume this specific product.

Our team of product testers have been evaluated by a health professional before they consume any cannabis. 

Read more about our review guidelines here.

How we make money

Every time you click on one of the links which lead outside of Weed Review and make a purchase, something we earn a small commission. We never accept any payments for reviewing products or getting superior placements. As you can see, all our reviews are based on data generated by our own equipment. We rank all products based on this data.

Company information

Registered name: Artemis Media Ltd.

Address: 8 John Kennedy Street, 840A Iris House, 3106, Limassol, Cyprus

Company number: HE441843